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Aren’t weddings fun? And romantic, don’t forget.

That’s why I’m excited about the wedding of two young people I don’t even know: Gladys Smith and Fred Klinkle. Yet, you won’t see their wedding on your television today. Instead, the tube will revel in the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and “commoner” Kate Middleton.

Too bad. Neither Gladys nor Fred are known to benefit from unjust privilege or to have been enriched through centuries of their family’s tyrannical rule.

Not to be the skunk at the royal party, but I have a slight problem with those who live off the involuntary sweat and toil of others. Granted, to her credit, Miss Middleton has not been a leech on the British people . . . until today.

Sure, princes and princesses are just precious when animated by Disney. And it’s nice to know that in today’s real-life Britain the royals can no longer separate the heads of “subjects” from their shoulders. But still I find it hard to get in a celebratory mood for the activities of a family that represents the most rotten aspects of our unfree past.

Why do the Brits put up with the royals?

Inertia, perhaps.

Why would any liberty-loving American be caught fixed to today’s TV spectacle?

Beats me!

To Gladys and Fred and other loving non-monarchical couples, best wishes: live long and multiply. To William and Kate? Once you renounce your position and stop fleecing the taxpayers, same to you.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Jam says:

    When I was studying in England, the most heard response to why they kept the royal family around was that they thought it kept the pound sound.

  2. Dr. T says:

    The British support public funded entertainment: BBC radio, BBC television, and the doings of the Royal Family.

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