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The demands of media are not the demands of the American people. Everyone knows this.

Basically, journalists favor big, juicy stories. They like colorful characters and charisma. And they like puffing up some — inflating reputations as if they were balloons waiting for hot air — only to puncture them later on.

That’s what’s behind the continual discussion of Sarah Palin, the non-candidate.

She’s a media person herself. She’s the media’s No. 1 non-candidate.

The media’s No. 2 non-candidate? Gov. Chris Christie.

I’m a big fan of Christie, and I had positive things to say about Sarah Palin, very early in the last election cycle. But the attention given to these two, during the current campaign, has been mostly objectionable. It shows more what’s wrong with media folks than with the current slate of Republican presidential candidates.

Christie’s pluses — a no-nonsense limited government perspective from a successful state executive — are shared by at least one other candidate, former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson . . . who has been barred from most debates and virtually ignored by the media.

So why the fixation on Christie?

He makes for good story. He’s big. He fills the screen. And he’s more glib and polished than Johnson, or Paul or Bachmann or Perry.

In a perfect world, journalists would leave candidate selection to the parties and the people.

This is not a perfect world.

This, too, is not breaking news. But then, this is not reportage, either.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Linda Liberty says:

    I completely agree with you. I am SO tired of the media telling us who we like and who we don’t like. People like Bill O’Reilly pronounce that candidate so and so can’t possibly win so they dismiss them. Well, how can they win if the press won’t cover them becasue they have decided they can’t win. As a libertarian minded person I am really irrated that Gary Johnson hasn’t been included in many of the debates. He was a successful 2 time governor but it appears someone somewhere has decided he can’t win so don’t give him any airtime. Thanks for pointing out his huge problem we have with the media. Luckily we now have the internet so everyone keep spreading the news that the media won’t report.

  2. Ron Lance says:

    He is not my man – he’s like a fat John McCain who only wants to negotiate. This country is now beyond negotiations for. It needs someone who is a leader and there is only one in the whole batch out there and that’s Herman Cain. Bachman is nuts in thinking that building that border wall is the answer. I held my nose in the last election when I voted McCain- Palin. I winter in the Rio Grande Valley and know that wall isn’t the answer. Only “people on our side who are allowed to shoot if necessary. Mexico needs to build some large nets to catch the “returns” as we could load the illeagels from this side and put them in a cannon and shoot them back accross the river like they did in the circus so they could try again. Just had to say that as I haven’t heard anyone say this way of doing it. Only when enough manpower is put on the border all along the thing will we be able to stem the tide. We also need to send more back than we have by a long shot. They already have a large amount of our industry in Mexico. I saw somewhere all the money they suck out of our country on services they get for free and what it costs. Leagel immigration yes. Illeagel NO! The Mexican Cartels are on this side of the border and that is starting to scare me being in the Valley in the wintertime. All you have to do is go to any of the Valley newspapers or TV stations and “read all about it” of what they are putting up with every day. If you do you can see they need more of “our guys” down there as they are operating “bare bones” if you ask me. Obama and his crew thumb their noses at Arizona and Texas and I know the others need more help. We have Valley farmers who no longer live on their own land as the illeagels have taken the places over. National Guard enmasse might do good if they really took it seriously.
    Thank you, Ron

  3. Drik says:

    The media used to be somewhat useful for telling what is going on in the world and helpful in making decisions that affect one’s family.
    That is no longer even remotely the case and responsible adults now need at least one and preferably several alternative sources for news and information. And the major TV outlets and internet pseudo-news sites like the Huffpo are viable only for time fillers.

  4. Mark Read Pickens says:

    Ron Lance:

    If someone is a tax parasite, he’s part of the problem, regardless of where he’s born. If someone is pulling his own weight, he’s part of the solution, regardless of where he’s born.

    The only reason “illeagels” have “taken farms over” is because they can’t come here legally.

    Anyone who believes in liberty supports open borders.

  5. Drik says:

    Open borders cannot co-exist with a welfare state.

  6. Mark Read Pickens says:


    “Illegal” immigrants contribute billions in Social Security taxes without being eligible to collect.

    “Entitlements” are the problem, not immigration.

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