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Occupy X Percent

By all accounts I’ve read, the 99 percenters in the “Occupy X” (fill in the “X” with your nearest protest city) movement seem obsessed with income inequality.

I, too, am concerned with the very rich — the bailouts of the very rich. I was against bailouts from the start. The moral hazard of a bailout mentality is extremely dangerous, inimical to a free society.

But that doesn’t make me a 99 percenter.

Why? Well, protestors on the streets believe — well, 49 percent of them believe — that the bailouts were necessary!

How odd. They distrust the rich. They want to tax the rich more. And yet, when the rich fail, they think it vital to “help the rich out.” Is this a result of simply believing in “helping people out in times of trouble”? Or do 49 percent of 99 percenters believe that the wealth of the well-to-do is so vital to the economy that their status as wealthy folks must be guaranteed?

I think it’s probably the latter. Leaning left, 99 percenters are committed to government “management” of the economy. And that includes bailing out unsuccessful rich folks as well as the unsuccessful poor and middle-class folks.

Were they really against inequality, wouldn’t they be happy now that the wealthy have taken a hit, and income inequality has been reduced? At least to a small, Schadenfreude extent?

Apparently, government being in control is the real bedrock issue. For X percent, anyway — X representing a shockingly high number of protestors.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Gramma says:

    Glad to see that you spell protestors as such–that is the way I learned to spell it many years ago, but I see that the”ers” spelling seems to be preferred these days.
    Whatever the spelling, these non-working, give me a handout forever drones are working for the ACORN–organized-under-new-names-Soros paid people, and they do not deserve the attention they are getting, except to show that they are truly violent, lazy and non-caring about America and her people–unlike the Taxed Enough Already people with whom they are being associated now. Irony reigns.

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  3. Drik says:

    Immediate goal of the left and the left-wing shill media is to try to have bedrock America associate the Tea Party with the OWS/Stinky crowd. Then to continue to shout the similarities when the stinkies escalate and get more violent.

    Goal is a socialist spring and a Presbo ready to press down with his “boot on the neck”.

    Justification for a suspension of rule of law. Justification for the continued ignoring of the Constitution. Justification for the continued escalation of the usurpation of the authority of the states and Congress.

    Then to have the media screaming from every outlet about how “grateful” we are for being rescued.

    Expect mutiple attempts to set this off in the next 12 months. The alternative for the socialists will be a socialist nuclear winter, where they will not be able to show their face for another 50-100 years.

  4. Tj says:

    There is limited wealth in the world. The more of it I have the less of it you have. The current trend is that the wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer. When wealth raises to the point that it is more important than people, the people revolt. This is history. Whether or not this is the happening now I don’t know. But it will happen on our current course.

  5. Jay says:

    Tj-I beleive that you are WRONG–there is NOT a limited amount of wealth. Wealth can eb created–look at (the late) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates- amongst others- they helped create a new industry, spawned (admittedly from various government programs- such as the space program and The Cold War)-( the space program actually spawned more fot eh emdical machine- Cat Scan, etc. then computers as such)– but the overall wealth increased.

    Other examples from throughout history exist.

    A middle class, even a “poor” person in the US today has more creature comforts then the ‘rich” of 200 or 300 years ago.

    probably more then the rich of 100 years ago.

  6. Joe Motor says:

    I saw this going around a Occupy Portland and also Seattle. Many people are embracing this inside and outside the Occupy movement,seems to be getting around the country. It makes sense to me and explains how many of us feel.

    In Unity,
    A Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE, born of necessity, from and for
    the collective conscience of the \\”99%\\” to and for the oligarchic
    \\”1%\\” of the United States of America.
    SECTION I: The Right to Equal Participation in Government has
    been taken from the People and is explained. — A Plan is offered
    to restore the Right to Equal Participation that requires only
    the use of tools and procedures that have already been proven to
    work. — The restoration of Equality must take priority above all
    and reasons are given. — Outside damaging influences must no
    longer be allowed privileged access to Elected Representatives in
    a Constitutional Republic. — An Offer in Compromise that would
    reunite this Nation with its Foundation is clearly stated. — A
    clear, workable and simple method by which we may rebuild
    ourselves as a Prosperous Nation and return to being One Hundred
    Percent is explained. — A New Litmus Test of our government is
    declared and explained. — A plan and petition to rebalance the
    Branches of Government is outlined in detail.
    SECTION II: Monitions are forwarded to our Leaders, to the
    Congress in specific, to the Media, to Law Enforcement and the
    Domestic Militia, and to the \\”1%\\” — A direct message and plea
    for the \\”99%\\” from the author(s).

    The following link is the full document, it is offered for non-profit public use:
    Please read and SHARE, This is being embraced by many in and outside the Occupy movemet

    Thank you,

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