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Representative Barney Frank’s recently announced retirement is not exactly a shock. His sense of timing may be better than most of his incumbent colleagues. Perhaps he smells something repellent slouching towards Washington: a secondary bust, another kick in the economy’s collective pants.

Funny, his timing had been a little slow soon after the Crash of 2008, when he protested that it hadn’t been he who had been pushing cheap mortgages and a policy of lax mortgage standards — oh no! — or he who had just recently proclaimed Fannie and Freddie to be doing just fine, thank you.

The New York Times, dubbing him a “top liberal,” cited redistricting as the major spark for his decision. Then it went on to quote Rep. Frank as blaming Newt Gingrich and the “conservative news media” for uglying up the tone in Washington, calling the present ideological climate a “bitter divide.”

Of course, before the Internet and Fox News, a near-monolithic liberal slant dominated major media. Adding an offsetting bias might have made it tougher for Frank, but surely the new toughness reflects actual American opinion better than the previous left-leaning cultural hegemony ever did.

Frank amusingly claims he has, now, but “one ambition: to retire before it becomes essential to tweet.” I bet he tweets soon.

Summarizing the advantages of not running for re-election, he explained that he would no longer “have to try to pretend to be nice to people” he doesn’t like.

No more Mr. Nice Guy? No more Mr. Clean?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Drik says:

    Something comes to mind about an analogy to a rat deserting a sinking ship, that he caused to sink.
    Or a munchkins dancing and singing “Ding dong, the witch is a lame duck.”

  2. Tj says:

    Paul, you crack me up!

    I am sure Mr. Frank has many enemies, most of which are republican.

    However, it took all of congress to put us where we are today. To blame either Newt or Barney is a fools game.

    As long as politicians can use their public office for personal gain, trading stocks and trust funds, we will get more of the same. Which according to the last poll I heard was 91% of “US” citizens disapprove.

    I guess the blame game will continue until “We The People” finally wake up and realize it is a a diversion tactic to keep us electing the idiots who put us here in the first place.

    This is common sense: 🙂 Tj

  3. Jay says:

    People keep re-electing the incumbents because “it is the other guy (woman)- who is corrupt/no good/—-“, not “my rep. (or senator”, or whatever).

    This transcends both parties, and liberals and conservatives.

  4. Drik says:

    We have all of this government because of BOTH parties, sure, but our current problem is the REPUBS. The Repubs control the House from whence are distributed out all the tax dollars. All of this government continues because the REPUBS have not shut off the spigot. Forget passing a budget. All that Herr Reid has to do is ignore that and then they have no alternative except “emergency measures” to “keep the government running” I recall when Clinton went to the wall with that and the government “shut down”. Didn’t effect most Americans at all. AT ALL! Because they stopped all of the “non-essential” operations. All of those non-essential non-enumerated activites need to be stopped anyway. Those are responsibilities that belonged to the states , if the people of the state choose to tolerate it.

    Instead of trying to get a compromise on a budget (which will never happen), instead of tacitly going along with the lib/progs while protesting mightily as though there were no choice, the Repubs could piecemeal a budget and pass bills to fund individual agancies AT THEIR CURRENT LEVEL OF SPENDING. And then Herr Reid would have to pass those or else blatently have the responsibilty. The House couldd even NOT fund some of the federal agancies that that are unconstitutional. Or redundant. Or useless. Even if the profligate federal agencies were funded with zero increase at their current level of excess, it would be an improvement over the current built-in “zero-based budgeting”, which is a fancy name for automatic increases without Congress having to own up to causing it. And then attrition could be added in so that there was no funding for new personel and the the agencies automatically became smaller until they were gone and the people reassigned.

    Wonder how how many czars would show up to work if they suddenly had their paycheck cut off. Even if Soros were to step in and start having to fund them himself to try to rescue his plan of undermining of our government, I don’t think that would last very long. Even a multi-billioinaire isn’t going to be able to self-fund all his own henchman in our government very long on his own.

    We have the current continuation of the spending because of the REPUBS. Every bit of our money that is being wasted originates per their control. Forget the crocidile tears. They are our current major problem. They are the pusher for the lib/prog addicts.

  5. …. The person Most Seriously Responsible for the recent monetary collapse and for the state of the united States’ feral gummint’s insolvency — and challenged for that title by only the likes of the recidivist Billy-Bubbah Blythes and by O=Zero himself — in attempting to spin his not running for re-election, lied that he would no longer “have to try to pretend to be nice to people” he doesn’t like.

    …. No more Mr. Nice Guy? No more Mr. Clean …?

    Clean what?

    Towels, perhaps?

    (That would be at the sodomites-for-hire services once run in his DC house, by a person Bwarney, at the time, said: “took (him) for a sucker?”

  6. Caelii says:

    Glad I’ve finally found soemhting I agree with!

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