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Wisconsin Democrats turned in more than a million signatures yesterday to force a recall election for Republican Gov. Scott Walker. That’s far more than the 540,000 signatures required by law.

State officials will now check the signatures and, barring tremendous irregularities, will set an election six to ten weeks after that, depending on whether a primary is needed to determine the Democrats’ candidate. Some recall processes require an up-or-down vote on the official being recalled, but Wisconsin simply holds a new election.

Only two state governors have been successfully recalled in the nation’s entire history: California’s Gray Davis (2003) and North Dakota’s Lynn Frazier (1921). Both deserved it.

Yet, while I applaud the recall as a good process and a fundamental right of citizens — not only did I personally work on the recall of the mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, in 2010, I wholeheartedly cheered the recall of Davis — I hope the people of Badger Nation will vote to keep their gutsy governor.

Walker’s reform, making public employees pay more toward their hefty healthcare and pension benefits and restricting collective bargaining by public employee unions, understandably angered the state’s labor unions. But the reform has already saved overburdened taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, a report released by the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators shows that districts across the state are financially more secure and have been able to hire more teachers.

The right to recall is essential, but replacing Gov. Walker would punish him for doing what’s right.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. George Plasterer says:

    I disagree with your applaud for the recall process. We already have one, called the next election. I am not acquainted with the two you mentioned, but whether they deserved it or not, elections have consequences. If the people are stupid or allowed themselves to be deceived, maybe they will pay more attention.

  2. Mark Read Pickens says:

    George Plasterer believes when an incumbent reveals his incompetence or venality there should be no recourse except to wait for the next election. I disagree. How much damage should we allow before pulling the plug?

    In the final three weeks of the 2003 recall drive, the petition crew I managed collected 3400 signatures to recall California Governor Gray Davis. I agree with Paul that short-circuiting Davis in his drive for the presidency was “well deserved” and was proud to work on that campaign.

  3. Jay says:

    RE: Davis– and he was replaced by Schwartznagger- who loaded up with pork and freebies for hsi friends.

    And the elctricity spieks were caused by Enron– remember them?

    And fraud in the electricity rate spike.


    As to Wisc.–recall the members of the State Legislature who were recalled– and you cheered- yet IT WAS OUT OF STATE LABOR THAT SPENT A REPORTED $30 MILLION to recall the people.


    And, how many people signed the petition because they were harassed?

    I disagree with your view–mentioned many times- that out of state people can solicit.

    My views.

    sorry is any typos

  4. …. The Right to recall is essential but replacing Governor Walker would be to endorse the Left’s punishing him for being Right ….

    Which is about as close to making a positive “contribution” the Left’s ever come.

  5. Mark Read Pickens says:

    Jay: Instead of apologizing for typos, why not correct them? (FYI, The word is probably incorrect if the system puts a wavy red line under it.)

    I first petitioned in 1979, am a former petition coordinator and a plaintiff in several successful lawsuits that struck down out-of-state petitioner requirements. In my years of experience, I have never seen anyone “harassed” into signing a petition.

    This reminds me of Eric Cartman when the nun handed him a wafer and said “this is the body of Christ.” Eric’s response: “Now you’re just being silly.”

  6. Paul Jacob says:

    Brian Richard Allen has it right.

  7. Jay says:

    re: typos–on yahoo- using IE- I don’t get the wavy lines; I do if I use Firefox-
    but I only use Firefox if at home.

  8. MoreFreedom says:

    I expect what will happen, is Democrats will find they have wassted their money, time and effort to recall Walker. And they will find themselves in a hole when it comes to funding Democratic candidates in the next election.

    And, the expense to taxpayers of another election will be another black mark for Democrats. They are not only willing, but actually happy, to waste public money to achieve their goals.

  9. Hello! Such great amount of signatures shows that the community is not indifferent to the situation in the country. It is understandable that people want their representatives to be reliable persons, that is why they try to select the best candidate from all possible options.

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