Video: Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity”


“Washington has not been telling you the truth,” says Rep. Paul Ryan — Mitt Romney’s selection for his running mate:

Consider what he offers, following up with the rest of the video in its second and third installments.

But take caution. Rep. Ryan’s plan is very slow to take effect, if what you are aiming for is balanced budgets. And as David Boaz has argued, it’s a good example of Republican “me-tooism,” of offering Democratic policy at an allegedly discounted price.

Contrary to what we are often told, there’s nothing radical about Ryan’s plan. Indeed, it’s so non-radical, it makes him a perfect fit with Mitt Romney’s presidential bid. Of course, scuttlebutt has it that Romney will put forth his own, distinct plan, no doubt building on Ryan’s — and we will see what that is, whether it strengthens or weakens Ryan’s approach.

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