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Should we surrender our industrially fueled civilization the better to fuel fantasies of appeasing Gaia, goddess of the Earth?

The New York Times urges the Obama administration to block a much-needed oil pipeline from Canada as a gesture toward deflecting the purported threat of anthropogenic global warming.

“In itself, the Keystone pipeline will not push the world into a climate apocalypse,” admits the editorial. “But it will continue to fuel our appetite for oil and add to the carbon load in the atmosphere. There is no need to accept it.” The oil drops add up. “At the very least, saying no to the Keystone XL will slow down plans to triple tar sands production from just under two million barrels a day now to six million barrels a day by 2030.”

That’s what we want, right? Less and less of the fuel we need to go places and do things?

But if government is justified in blocking the Keystone pipeline on such a basis, isn’t it also warranted in stopping existing oil production?

What offends the “greens” is every form of “raping of the earth” for mere human survival and comfort — including to protect ourselves against weather that has always been variable, often extremely so. By their logic, the only moral way to defend against the elements is to surrender to them. No more building houses, wearing coats, adding gas to heater tanks and car tanks. Shut everything down.

I can’t say I’m persuaded.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. John F Brennan says:

    The has been a replacement god and man as the highest priorities with Gaia.
    We Irish were clearly ahead of the curve, and worshipped trees 1000 years ago before we were enlightened by monotheism. I, for one, will not regress voluntarily.

  2. drrik says:

    Obama sez we must stop CO2 production and global warming. He also admited that he can’t do 7th grade math when he was trying to help his daughters with their homework. Which makes me severely question his ability to really understand what is going on with the earth well enough to make decisions regarding the future of America’s energy production. I expect he is taking all this CO2 stuff on faith, based on the precepts of his advisors, which is why he and they were so quick to get onboard as ground-floor investors in the Chicago Climate Exchange. Whether understood or not, they were going to collect a fee for every bit of energy use in the whole country and become Bill Gates wealthy. Wealthy enough to ignore the directions of George Soros. Wealthy enough for each of them to buy their own country. But the earth didn’t cooperate. It quit warming.

    Not many true engineers in the global warming crowd. Not many peope who have really looked at all of the math. Not anyone who can justify the existing climate computer models that do not even take clouds in to consideration, both in their effect and how and when they are formed. Not many folks that can explain how the solar conveyor affects radiaton emmision and the secondry effect that IT has on cloud formation.

    And not anyone in the global warming crowd that can justify the obsession with CO2 over water vapor, which has 1800 times the effect on the temperature and weather of the planet, even if you ignore cloud formation. Because if you acknowlege that DOUBLING the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere does not have that much effect, and that CO2 levels may have been higher in the past, pre-industrialization, and that the whole planet was much warmer in the past, between the ice ages, and before mini-ice age at last half of the previous millineum, then you start to question the “need” for all the government action at all.

    Which threatens jobs. Specifically, the jobs of the current DC crowd. And more importantly, it threatens the current administration of the government of the United States. Which means that they are self-justified in shooting off a Predator missile. Just as soon as they figure out who to target.

    Be careful, Mr. Jacob.

  3. JIM TRAMMELL says:

    As usual, nothing but KOOKS HERE.

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