Townhall: Obama Can’t Avoid Fabled Ovoid Crack-up


The biggest story of the week is turning into the biggest story of the month, the year, perhaps the decade. The much-heralded, much-despised “Obamacare” reform has had a great fall. What are the chances for the king’s henchmen to put it back, intact, on the wall? Not high, not at all.

Click on over to Townhall, then back here, for a bit more reading.

Chiefly, you may want to look up the Wikipedia entry on Humpty Dumpty. Did you catch yesterday’s posted (linked) Obamacare video?

The folks at Reason magazine have been doing a good job keeping up with the latest in Obamacare stories — and yes, those stories are getting bizarre.

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  1. Nov
    Edward Agazarm

    Just do not see Mr Obama scrapping Obamacare. Mr Obama’s whole ego is irrtractably dug in too deep.

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