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“In Maxine Waters’ economy,” wrote Timothy Carney yesterday, “big business rows the boat while government steers.”

The Democratic Congresswoman, known for championing the poor and the less well-off, just loves throwing money around.

Including to the rich.

Carney shows that, for all her anti-big biz talk, she’s playing into the hands of big business.

On Tuesday, Waters held a rally in support of the Export-Import Bank. Among the welfare queens on stage with her was a lobbyist for Boeing.

And not without reason. “More than 80 percent of Ex-Im’s subsidy dollars support big businesses,” Carney explains. “Ex-Im’s biggest subsidy product is long-term loan guarantees, and last year two-thirds of those . . . supported Boeing exports.”

Senator Mike Lee has come out swinging against Ex-Im, taking what he sees as the “moral high ground against political corruption.”

Maxine Waters objects to such upstart Republican interference in what she insists is a “legitimate” function of government. So used to robbing some to lavish on others, she apparently thinks this racket defines the government’s purview.

And Waters enthusiastically serves as a broker in the ongoing exploitation of consumers for the benefit of a few (insider-blessed) businesses.

In the marketplace, businesses get rich serving customers. When seeking taxpayer handouts, on the other hand, they get rich serving politicians.

Maybe that’s why  freedom troubles politician Waters.

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  1. JFB says:

    The foolishness of it all, in the long run the party responsible for the payment must be where loyalty lies.
    Ms. Water’s would clearly like the loyalty to be to her, enhancing the “public servant’s” ability to steer the Boeing boat, to better protect their less well off and exploited workers and cover the loses resulting from unpaid loan with the resources of the unbenefited taxpayers.
    Does anyone know how to spell fascism?

  2. Joel says:

    A major question. Isn’t Boeing in the —- house because they DARED to build a plant in THE CAROLINA’S (I thin South) rather then Washington State, because the Carolina’s are right to work? Didn’t the Labor (or was it the Justice) Dept order an investigation? Threaten all sorts of things?

    If so, isn’t Waters going against the GREAT ONE, WHO KNOWS ALL?

  3. Michelle says:

    Add to this situation the huge wage concessions, etc Boeing required in order to stay in WA state. Published state research states, the cost of living is now at a place where a single parent with a child (not a teenager) needs to earn $22.77 an hour to afford to reside within 5 miles of Boeing Everett (largest plant) and have health insurance. This does not include income to eat out or vacation. So where are they putting the funds from Maxine? it’s not in wages. Some jobs at this location, offered starting pay to an experienced applicant of $11 an hour plus union dues out of that. This was prior to the new union contract. They would still need food stamps and other tax payer funded state benefits at this wage.

  4. MoreFreedom says:

    In spite of their allegations of GOP being the party of the 1%, it’s Democrats who vote 100% for corporate welfare, with about 50% of the GOP (RINOs IMHO) voting for it as well. The evidence is in their votes. Thus the Democrats lie to voters who believe them. Here are 6 articles from Ted Dehaven discussing 6 votes:

    Ironically, the articles were written to make the point, that many Republicans who run on fiscal conservatism and not selling out to special interests, vote otherwise. Thus, they are also liars to the voters who elected them: RINOs who run in Tea Party clothing.

    The good news, is both parties are at least supporting fiscal conservatism in their rhetoric. The bad news is they are just lying.

  5. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    Good additional commentary.

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