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Bill Maher began the panel segment of his latest Real Time with Bill Maher episode taking on the “children at the border” problem. He identified the underlying cause: drug cartels.

His solution? Legalize all psychoactive drugs, particularly cocaine.

Wait a minute. The best response to a border crisis is to legalize drugs?

Seems orthogonal to the issue. “Out of left field.”

Which is not to say I don’t support legalizing drugs. But I try not to bring it up every discussion. Could Maher have drugs a tad too much on his brain?

Be that as it may or may not, for the facts I then turned to . . . Cato Institute.

Only to have the good folks at Cato back up Maher’s assertions.

On July 8, Ted Galen Carpenter, a Cato senior fellow, pinpointed the growth in drug cartels’ power in Central America as central to the whole issue. The drug cartels are “driving vulnerable populations northward to the United States to enhance their own profits.”

But the whole picture is more complicated.

A month earlier, Alex Nowrasteh, Cato’s immigration policy analyst, focused on two American border policies that “likely” and “unintentionally” incentivized “some of the migration and the smugglers that carry many of the migrants,” leading to the current debacle of thousands of unaccompanied minors now being housed — in poor conditions — in detainee centers.

True to form, Nowrasteh notes that “some American politicians who blame American law for the surge actually voted for that American law in the past.”

Which is more horrifying: The idea that politicians make things worse? Or that comedians make more sense than our elected representatives?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. JFB says:

    What is hopeful is that the comedians will be able to inform and enlighten the politicians, which is a function that intellectuals, economists and many other pundits have failed at.
    If Mr. Maher can make a dent in the ruling class conscious he will have performed a societal good. If the fact that his conclusion is the same as know to libertarians for decades opens his mind to allow examination of other libertarian and free market concepts, all the better.

  2. Jake Witmer says:

    Interestingly, drugs are already 100% legal, the very instant there is an educated citizenry. Unfortunately, the very socialists (who incorrectly call themselves “liberals” or even “libertarians” to avoid the stigma of mass-murdering socialist regimes of the 20th century) who most claim to care about education are the core of the problem. You see, randomly-seated juries can already “nullify the law,” de facto legalizing drugs. The numbers of legalization supporters necessary to cause every randomly-selected jury to do this already exist. For example, there are over 50,000,000 marijuana smokers in the USA? Why don’t they, when seated on juries, simply vote “NOT GUILTY”?

    The answer is two-fold:
    1) In 1850, Northern juries began following exactly that strategy to defeat the Fugitive Slave Law. This law was wildly unpopular, because it forced white Northerners to testify against each other as a means of enforcing slavery. Even if the Northerner agreed with slavery, forcing them to testify against each other violated their 5th Anendment rights to “no self incrimination.” It also opened their businesses up to retaliatory boycotts from the abolitionist (liberal; libertarian) movement. So it soon became impossible for judges to obtain guilty verdicts in fugitive slave cases. So the judges and prosecutors (being the corrupt and power-seeking ” coercion-using” demographic, began a new tactic to try to legitimize the illegitimate Fugitive Slave Law: judges began allowing the prosecutor to stack the jury full of people who mindlessly agreed to “apply the law as it was given to them.” This process, of removing well-educated abolitionist (liberals; libertarians) jurors from juries was named “Voir dire.” Judges (often ex-prosecutors themselves) and prosecutors loved the new power conferred on them by “Voir dire.”

    Although the abolitionists soon educated their movement about “Voir dire” (encouraging abolitionists to lie in order to get seated on juries; pretending to mindlessly agree to enforce every unjust law), this “jury stacking” pre-trial procedure (that effectively eliminated proper juries, by removing the random selection of conscience from society) remained in place after the Civil War. It simply gave the judicial branch the power it had always craved; the power to defeat “We, the Jury” inside the courtroom.

    2) So, if the abolitionists were smart enough to see that judges had illegally an unconstitutionally usurped their power, and developed a strategy of ” lying to a dishonest system” as a means of fighting the unjust laws of their day, why haven’t the more technologically skilled Americans of today simply followed their example? After all, “Voir dire” or “jury selection” destruction of jury randomness is still the way every unjust, victimless crime law is enforced. Why don’t independent, rational Americans follow the classical liberal (abolitionist; libertarian) model?

    Simple answer: government schools. It’s not that there’s a conspiracy to avoid teaching kids the truth, it’s that the government schools are prey to a host of perverse incentives that even the most rudimentary economic thinker can see. First, since you cannot withhold payment from the failing and grossly inadequate government schools, reward is not dependent on performance: there is no punishment for failing to educate our kids. Second: since the teachers are payed in property taxes, if they teach the kids the subjects they need to become tax resistors (proper history, philosophy, economics, and law), they will only ride the “coercion-financed” gravy train for one generation. Third: a highly-specialized, but generally ignorant and obedient electorate keeps expanding the amount of money directed toward the government schools (and the sociopath-dominated political structure itself).

    This is not a conspiracy, per se. It is simply the malevolent “emergent order” that arises from sociopaths’ narrow self-interest not lining up with empaths’ long-term, general, “enlightened” self-interest.

    It’s not in our best interest to punish our fellow man for “victimless crimes.” …but that’s where it takes real strength of character to LIE to the LIARS and do the right thing: get seated on the jury, and “nullify the law” or “veto the law.” How many Americans can put aside the stupid market-destroying jealousies, bigotry, and hatred that was taught to them by Big Brother’s wretched youth-indoctrination centers? How many people can resist the petty power conferred on them by Milgram’s lab-coated “judge,” who offers to place the responsibility on “upholding the law” (passing the blame for immoral punishment to the legislators, who don’t really “represent” anyone who isn’t an economically-illiterate sociopath).

    This same system of allowing sociopaths to develop sophisticated networks to expand their power escapes the mental detection of most conformists. When detected, the sociopaths both threaten to punish less-sophisticated dissenters, and wrap themselves in the camouflage of “god and country.”

    They rely on “respect for the law” and “low-hierarchical-level respect for honesty” to produce the enforcement of lawless (unconstitutional) laws. The higher order truth is simple: the constitution has lawlessness built into it. This is why the “Founding fathers” urged the common man to “ignore the law” when Adams passed the “Alien and Sedition Acts” that punished people for criticizing government bureaucrats.

    The only laws the Sixth Amendment indicates should be followed are the laws that protect people and property. All other laws are, themselves, lawless.

    I understand that you didn’t get this kind of pro-American education as a child. But unless you wish to remain a child, you’ll need to follow this information to the truth. The only societies that place the law above compassion are totalitarian societies, like North Korea and the Islamic Caliphates. In those Nations, the law is given to the people by the power-seeking bureaucrats and religious leaders, without question or mercy.

    Western nations have instituted juries to serve “The whole truth” AND “the Higher truth,” allowing the individual juror to pass judgment on the entire law, and system of law.

    This doctrine, of nullifying laws that lack “injury” or “intent to injure” a specific victim, is known as “jury independence.” It is the foremost mechanism that makes a dictatorship impossible in the USA. This is why the judges and prosecutors have fought so hard to overcome it, by stacking the jury to eliminate, not just “conflict of interest,” but the conscience of individual jurors.

    Be smarter than the persecutors (prosecutors and judges).

    Don’t let the riches of a drug kingpin allow you to vote out of jealousy for a system that has no right to exist. That drug kingpin was simply doing the same thing a speculator in gold or silver was doing: taking advantage of stupid government policies to make a profit. The father of JFK did the same thing, giving us one of the best presidents the nation has seen (prior to the central bankers’ bullets cutting him down).

    Veto this grotesque police state that our once-free nation has become. Rely on yourself to “de facto” legalize drugs, because the law has become a tool of sociopathic totalitarians. If you’re not one of them, don’t be their dupe.

    Only a fool could respect the prohibition laws that allow the police to destructively search through his “person, papers, and effects.” Only a fool could vote to separate innocent families, sending migrants back to a set of circumstances they tried to leave. Only a simpleton votes to punish someone for “getting away with” something that’s not a crime in itself.

    But the government schools have produced armies of such simpletons, willing to be America’s version of “Hitler’s willing executioners.” Instead of Hitler, however, it will be a local judge and prosecutor who wish to conscript you into doing evil. Don’t avoid the conscription, just avoid doing evil when handed power over your fellow man. Much like conscripted military slaves once blew up their gung-ho commanding officers (overseers), after being handed rifles and grenades, you can blow up the police state, upon being handed the supreme power of the unquestionable jury verdict.

    Let there be peace, prosperity, and property rights.

    The prohibitions are all ended: the instant we are smarter than they are.

    The proof if this is Colorado, where prosecutors stopped enforcing the marijuana laws because they could not find enough uninformed serviles to do their bidding as hanging jurors, in 2011, one year before citizen initiative officially ended marijuana prohibition there. Laura Kriho led the way in Colorado. Marcy Brooks led the way, in Illinois. These women, braver and smarter than most men, did not allow themselves to be bullied by the sociopathic judges and prosecutors in the cases they tried.

    They showed mercy, and struck down “cruel and unusual” laws.

    In doing so, they showed us that we are already free.

    Follow their lead. Smash the control system. Smash the false authority.

  3. TKList says:

    Bill Maher is correct.

    End the war on drugs.
    Decriminalize drugs.

    It will remove money, guns and power from cartels, gangs, and political corruption.
    It will greatly reduce gang violence and end drug war violence, which will save the lives of children and adults.
    It will protect children since there will not be a monetary incentive for dealers to push drugs.

    Less fathers will be in prison, therefore more fathers will be with their children and families.
    More kids will attend school since there will not be the easy money from dealing drugs to lure them into leaving school.

    It will remove money from the inner city gangs which will in turn, make it much harder for gang members to purchase guns.
    It will free up money that was used on law enforcement to be used for drug education and treatment. Also freed up resources could be shifted to law enforcement in Murder, Rape, Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, Violent Assault, Burglary and Border Security.
    It will remove the problem of drug smugglers crossing the border illegally and lessen the danger to border security and residents of border towns.

    Court expenses will be reduced from the reduction in cases.
    States expenses will be reduced because they will need fewer jails.

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