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The cause of immigration reform hit a huge speed bump in recent weeks, with the arrival at the border of thousands upon thousands of children from war-torn Central America.

War-torn? Yes. Gangs — micro-governments in the olden style — fed by drug money have turned the Latin American states to our south into war zones, alas not too dissimilar to the gang warfare that beset some of our great American cities.

Only worse.

No wonder the people in those countries are scared, and desperate. “Coyotes” are taking advantage of U.S. politicians’ inability to secure the border, or even cook up a coherent immigration policy, and charge large amounts of money to transport children to “safety” in the U.S.

Where they are gathered and detained.

In the midst of all the partisan bickering — a legitimate clash of ideologies, really — stands one hero: Glenn Beck. While President Obama avoids the border crisis as if avoidance solves problems, radio/TV/Internet sensation Beck is taking his trucks and buses and volunteers directly to the area Obama avoids, the detention centers and surrounding cities and churches.

He’s taking food, clothing, and comforts for the children.

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor he explained  that governments are instituted to provide justice. He laments the lack of justice on  immigration coming from Washington. But the business of the people — of caring Americans — is not primarily justice.

It’s mercy, Beck says. He’s raised millions, and he’s personally taking aid to where it’s needed.

Heroic. And very neighborly.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rick says:

    He’s a good man. Isn’t it amazing how the media can gang up and demonize somebody like him or Carl Rove?

    Our country has literally been driven off the rails: Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Immigration, IRS, And more issues with Eric Holder than i can even remember. What a complete and total mess. Probably the biggest mess this country has been in since the Civil War.

    My liberal friends who used to enjoy a lively discussion will not even discuss politics any more.

  2. iheartdagney says:

    Rick – your liberal friends do not enjoy lively discussions anymore because their positions have been proven to be indefensible.

  3. Drik says:

    We are busy destabilizing the stable governments of the Middle East in order to make way for the Muslim Brotherhood to come in and set up a caliphate, even though they failed miserably at governing the Egyptians who had enough power still residing in their military to run them out.
    In the meantime, a failed state and the drug cartels have managed to kill more people in Mexico than had been killed in America’s war in Afghanistan. Actual total is unknow since the Mexican government quit releasing the numbers last year when they topped 35,000. Were we not so hot to help set up a caliphate in the Middle East, families in nations to our south would not be spending their life savings to smuggle their children here.
    Sad that those same families don’t realize that the same government enabling that they are fleeing in Mexico and Central America is now entrenched in many American cities and the White House and is laying waste to the America that they thought would be a safe haven.
    Failed states on our southern border are a MUCH bigger security threat to America than any minor Middle Eastern kings.

  4. Karen says:

    I am glad you turned a spotlight on the humanitarian issue here, Paul. Yes, our impotent government has failed, for so many reasons. What Mr. Beck is doing is admirable & correct. The fact that he is working with church groups also insures that the needs get met, not bureaucrats & their families getting a cut. And I also agree with Drik’s comments that the open border is a might bigger threat to our security. Once again, Mr. Obama’s leadership lack & inexperience is glaringly obvious.

  5. Ronald L. Burcham says:

    My wife asked me the other day, “If it costs huge sums of money, reportedly $4,000, for a Coyote to bring thses kids to the border. where are these poor, impoverished, penniless down trodden peasants getting the money from?

    I didn’t have an answer, but I smell a rat.

    Do you know who’s financing this people bubble at our border?

  6. Jay says:

    Mr. Burcham, I do not have the answer to your question–exactly.

    But, in the past (about 20 years ago) I was in contact with many Haitian refugees. They worked (minimal wages, and often exploited) but managed to save money and send some home. I would think that might be part of the answer here.

    Also, when the Winds of war (apologies to the author of that fine book for taking the title), many FAMILIES in Europe 9especially Poland and the USSR) would pool their meager savings, and send ONE (or at most, two) children to safety. The same could be here.

    Not necessarily something evil-just parents trying to protect their children.

    But, Obama is more concerned that we import Muslims to infiltrate our cities and impose their will and rules on us.

  7. Rick says:

    OT I agree with Elizabeth Warren’s position on the too big to fail banks. Here she exposes the Fed’s impotence in dealing with the big banks:

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