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This weekend on Townhall, what Japanese and American experts want to do with Japanese wives: nudge them (force them?) out of the house and into the workforce, farm out their kids to daycare, and pretend that the resulting uptick in GDP stats shows an increase in economic value.

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  1. Rick says:

    You’re exactly on point buddy.

    The simple reason why this is necessary though is because Japan has a debt to GDP of 250%. So the economics professors of the Japanese Central Bank are working overtime to figure out ways to squeeze more tax money out of the population. They’ve blown the budget and now we watch as desperate bureaucrats try to hold the status quo together to protect their legacy and their pension. See Mish’s Fed Uncertainty Principle–basically the more they screw it up, the more power they need to fix it with solutions that have been proven over and over and over to not work. Kyle Bass says the Yen could literally go to “infinity” one day in a collapse that would melt down the whole Japanese economy. They have to buy everything because they have very little natural resources of their own. So if and when the Yen collapses, they are screwed to the wall.

    Same will happen here except we only have a 100% debt to gdp now. But if Japan begins to go and big money gets afraid of the Yen, the $US and the Euro the dominoes could fall quickly. Russia, Brazil. India and China are rapidly putting together currency schemes to avoid using the dollar. And nobody knows what will happen to the $US when all those dollars have to come back home.

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