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If somebody tries to polemically gun down your rights, button your flak jacket and shoot back.

It may take years — say, if you’re John Locke answering Robert Filmer.

Sometimes you’ve got only seconds.

You’re on a gab show being watched by millions. Somebody says something unwise, illogical and destructive — but possibly persuasive to a certain percentage of viewers. Unless you reply, instantly, with something wise, logical and constructive, you lose your chance.

If it’s dueling YouTube videos, maybe it takes a couple of days to blast the enemy and win a viewership the size of a small city.

The offending “celluloid” I have in mind is a Bloomberg-funded skit that opens with the caption “Warning: this video depicts scenes of domestic violence.” An armed ex-boyfriend breaks into a woman’s home and threatens to take their kid. The woman calls the police — minutes away when seconds count. The video implies that the way to “stop gun violence against women” is to get rabid-ex-boyfriend-empowering guns off the streets.

Two days later, Liberty PA had posted a parody-rebuttal. This time, the prospective victim flourishes a shotgun to scare off the ex. Opening caption: “Warning: this video depicts scenes of self-defense.” Closing caption: “Stop gun control against women.”


The video-rebuttal didn’t cost much more to make than the quick wit and time of a few alacritous participants. Within a couple days — credit partly yours, O modern technological infrastructure! — it had garnered 72,000 hits.

On Fox’s Red Eye and elsewhere the inanity of the original propaganda piece was pointed out. But it was the Liberty PA video response that really brought the point home.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Jay says:

    About a week or so ago, THE CITY OF DETROIT, which has been one of the crime capitals of this country, released latest crime figures.

    I don’t remember them. But I do remember IN ALL VIOLENT CRIME CATEGORIES, the numbers WERE DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY ( crimes per 100,000 or so-as well as absolute numbers). The absolute numbers could be attributed to Detroit’s declining population. The new police chief attributed the declining numbers (5 and absolute) to the fact that the HONEST CITIZENS now had the right to have weapons.

  2. Rick says:


    For those interested, here’s how the Labor Department lies about the jobs number every month. Most of it is tied up in a computer model called the “Birth Death Model” which estimates the birth or death of businesses. This article quotes and summarizes a paper by the Brookings Institute on jobs:

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