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The important group Democrats Against Democratic Obstruction of Justice (DADOOJ) has yet to be formed to denounce ongoing cover-ups by the Obama administration.

If a DADOOJ did exist, though, its two or three members would surely cite a recent Hill column by Rick Manning, “More lost emails—When will Democrats have enough?

Manning, of Americans for Limited Government, notes that some twenty different Obama administration officials have “lost”/destroyed congressionally requested email records. He echoes Darrell Issa, the exasperated chairman of the House Committee on Oversight who says it “defies logic that so many senior administration officials were found to have ignored federal record-keeping requirements only after Congress asked to see their emails.”

What we have here, concurs Manning, is “coordinated and condoned cover-up,” not massive coincidence of careless keystrokes. So why aren’t any prominent Democrats expressing outrage at this “affront to our constitutional system,” and demanding answers? During the Watergate scandal, at least a few Republicans soon joined calls for the Republican president to come clean. Today, though, Dems are mute en masse.

Investigators should find a way to raid the offices of the IRS, DOJ and so forth; don’t just solicit cooperation. Confiscate or clone drives and servers so we can do some exhaustive forensics on the zeroes and ones. If we look real hard — maybe even not that hard — we’ll find the missing email.

I offer this proposal gratis as the first item for the DADOOJ advocacy agenda.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. IHeartDagney says:

    I suppose this article is written tongue-in-cheek because we all know who the democrats are now, do we not? They and the republicans condoning them do not care what the effect is on our country and the constitution. They are all in it for personal gain and to hell with the rest. I would guess that at least 80% of the democrats voting these people in don’t care, are somehow being paid with tax dollars, or do not pay attention to what is happening. I wish I could say there will be a wave election this November sweeping in “good” people to replace these criminals. However, the fact that Kentucky re-voted in Mitch McConnell when they had a great conservative choice and the cheating that went on in Mississippi on the “R” side….I don’t know what will bring back the soul of this country. Mass starvation, I guess. I’m only half joking.

  2. Huapakechi says:

    When the computerized evidence is “unavailable” due to blatant malfeasance by those being investigated, prosecute and sentence to the minimum of ten years for destruction of evidence on top of automatic conviction for the crime(s) being investigated. Make the sentences consecutive.

  3. Willy Star Marshall says:

    The NSA has copies of ALL the “missing” emails, as well as texts and cellphone calls. But somehow I don’t think they will be turning them over anytime soon.

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