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I don’t believe everything I read. If I did, I’d believe seven incompatible things before breakfast, and by lunch I’d suffer a nervous breakdown.

From a cognitive dissonance overload.

There’s a story just out: A Tennessee teen was allegedly suspended from school for saying “Bless you.”


I don’t want it to be the case that even the people whose policies I generally oppose — in this case, public school administrators (I think the government school system needs to be opened up, competitive) — can be this outlandishly foolish.

The story comes out of CBS Charlotte. One Ms. Kendra Turner, a senior at Dyer County High, says that she offered a “Bless you” after a classmate had sneezed. And then her teacher reprimanded her, saying (in Ms. Turner’s story) “we’re not going to have godly speaking” in the classroom, and the student protested that it was her “constitutional right.”

The disagreement went to an administrator, and the young lady was booted out of school. The school claims the girl was “disruptive,” which hopefully means something other than saying “Bless you.” The girl’s pastor is concerned, and suspects a very touchy, irreligious teacher.

The story seems preposterous. And yet similar stories elsewhere have been confirmed, usually about non-existent, symbolic guns. The degree of intolerance amongst today’s cultural vanguard (which includes teachers) for unapproved practices astounds.

There’s almost nothing more innocuous than a “Bless you,” or even a “God bless you.” It’s so traditional it’s hardly even religious.

But this story does have a ring of plausibility. Why? Because there is no level of absurdity — no breach of common sense — that a zealot won’t contemplate.

Especially a zealot in America’s intellectually bankrupt public schools.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rick says:

    Another opportunity to plug vouchers. Take it to the next level and the free market will kill bad schools FASTER and more efficiently than the state could ever do. I believe education could be cleaned up in 3 years with a voucher program:

    “”Somebody said to me once: ‘We went from a disastrous system where very few young people were graduating ready for college, to a mediocre system. And that’s a miracle.’ Because we had to get off the bottom,” said John Ayers, executive director of the Cowen Institute, a Tulane University public education think tank.

    Recovery system schools are open to any child in the city, with no attendance zones. Some of the Orleans Parish schools are as well, although there may be testing requirements; at least one also reserves some spaces for neighborhood children.”


    I live in a city near to New Orleans and we sponsored families that got washed out in Katrina. I can assure you, the kids that enrolled in my ex-wife’s school were borderline ignorant. They were YEARS behind.

  2. Rick says:

    OT Mafia shakedown:

    Holder to annonce $17bILLION SETLEMENT with Bank of America. The theme here is you can rip of people so long as we get our cut. No indictments. Heck, they’re partners in crime. Wouldn’t you think that an organization that pays out a $17BILLION settlement did SOMETHING worthy of a jail term? And this is just the latest in a long string of fines to BAC and all the rest of the big banks:

  3. Charles Holtzback says:

    The student was identified by name. The teacher and the administrator who carried out this atrocity should also be named. These left-wing radicals shouldn’t be able to hide behind a cloak of anonimity.

  4. JFB says:

    Clearly the thought police are with us in America.

    How and why did we do this to ourselves? Why isn’t it stopped?

    There was a now unmentionable who once stated “Weep not for me, but for your children”. So applicable today!

  5. Dave Shaver Sr. says:

    It is a subtle use of mind control. The student will be aware of those two simple words in a negative connotation the rest of her life. In the meantime this typing teacher will continue to be poisoning the minds of those young people unless she is reprimanded. But from the reaction of the school authorities it would appear that that is unlikely.

  6. Drik says:

    “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.
    That this is even being debated is an abomination of our Constitution.

  7. Sheldon says:

    If you think that school incident is bad, check out this one. You won’t believe it: “High school student says he was arrested for killing dinosaur in class assignment”

  8. Kenneth H. Fleischer says:

    My guess is that the next time, the educrats will object to “Gesundheit!,” because they think it religious, too, or that it might be, as they don’t know that it means, “Healthiness!” There is no limit to the insanity or the stupidity of the power-hungry.

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