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By: Redactor

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  1. Rick says:

    Our foreign policy is so balled up right now that it needs a total reset. Obama does not have the moral integrity to make a stand one way or the other and can only be expected to make moves that are the least politically painful for him. Putin, China & Iran know that.

    ISIS is born of the Wahabi sect of the Sunni Muslims(Saudis). Most likely the majority of their money comes from Saudi people just like with Bin Laudin. This fight is theirs, not ours. The main goal for ISIL is the Saudi oil fields. If they are successful there then WE have a problem(Although they still will want to sell us oil). Until then the SUNNIs & SHIAs have a problem. Let them chop each other up while we get over 13 years of war so we will be ready when and if the Saudis & Iran fail. It’s simple military strategy to let two enemies chop each other up so we will face a weaker enemy if and when the time comes. And until then, all we’re doing is fighting Iran & Saudis fight for them. Pretty smart on their part, eh? And our failing politicians need a cause to stir nationalism to get our minds off failed foreign & domestic policies–David Cameron, Barack Obama.

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