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The National Labor Relations Board has ordered CNN to rehire 100 workers and pay off 200 others.

NLRB rebukes CNN for “failure to bargain” with a union. The dispute apparently involves no breach of contract with employees — only a breach with a union’s demand that CNN deal with it.

Blogger Daily Pundit is giddy: “I can’t imagine a happier outcome than seeing CNN, the hack propaganda mouthpiece for the ‘respectable’ American left, being forced into bankruptcy” by a “rogue bureaucracy.”

But wait. Would the tyrannical destruction of CNN be — ideological schadenfreude aside — a happy outcome?


However poetic the justice, or injustice, being inflicted on its owners and officers, their right to make economic decisions — the right to control our own lives and property — does not hinge on the content of their notions. The only way we can all have rights, share the same standing  in the world, is to ground our rights in our shared humanity … and not anything more specific, narrow, or particular. Only those who forcibly violate the rights of others properly forfeit some of the protections to which peaceful persons are normally entitled.

Even if Pundit’s point is only to relish CNN’s comeuppance, not to root for governmental harassment of lefty prattlers, it’s misguided. Each new assault on our freedom — to hire, to fire, to speak, to write — serves as precedent for comparable and worse assaults. If we hope to defend our own freedom, we should defend that of all peaceful individuals. And prefer that they be left alone.

We must defend even those with some pretty noxious ideas.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Steven Sass says:

    Must disagree with you here, Paul. SOMETIMES the only way to get a mule’s attention is to hit it with a shovel! ONCE the consequence of inappropriate action is understood, THEN you can continue with a journey. For CNN, I have no doubt it will take several whacks as it does NOT seem to have the sense of a mule — but reasoning with it does not work!

  2. Dear Paul,

    This is the best article you have ever written. I hesitate to say how many of your inspirational, logical and informative articles I have read over a large stretch of time. Too many to count, while I marvel at the speed of the passing years and the effort we assumed so casually in the beginning. Those of us in it early on thought surely a short term educational spread of knowledge would open all eyes. Not so but it has been a worthy endeavor.

    In a few words you capture the most important component of the effort for “more liberty in our time.” It cannot come about until we who care, also wish it, advocate for it, and fight the injustices for those with whom we differ as well those with whom we agree. Well done! No, even more, stupendous!

  3. Drik says:

    First they came for the “___”s.
    But I did not object, for I was not a “___”.

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Live by government – die by government.

  5. Sheldon says:

    Your argument sounds good and libertarian on the surface–but only superficially. What has been wrought on CNN is just the kind of requital they would have cheered had it befallen some other victim of government’s oppression.

    Perhaps this will teach CNN one of life’s truths: Government is corrupt, cruel and cold-blooded, naked force. Perhaps CNN, having experienced some of government’s malevolence itself, will be more realistic in its perspectives and reporting policies–and more honest. Yes, perhaps. . . But I doubt it.

    Question: Would you demonstrate for CNN’s cause the way you might demonstrate or write letters in defense of Edward Snowden, of Julian Assange or of Chelsea Manning? If yes, then you essay has meaning; if not, then it is empty rhetoric.

  6. Skye Fargo says:

    Wow! What an article!
    1. Steven-I get it, you are correct.
    2. Lynn-I acknowledge the duration and wonder of Paul’s words myself.
    3. Drik-You are absolutely correct.
    4. 2WarAbnVet-Well said, when gummint touches me, it hurts, every time.
    5. Sheldon-Very true, the Communist News Network is getting stabbed by the very sword they uphold! Funny how that works…

    Thanks All to those who really do understand freedom and how it is important that we ALL protect it.

    Question?: Why was Constitution Day not widely and wildly celebrated on the 17th? We have so many yipyaps crooning about whether this and that is constitutional or not, I figure they would celebrate it. But, alas, I found zero news sites even mention it once. Only the Patriot Post mentioned it…curious, huh?

  7. JFB says:

    Totally correct Paul, ALL have only the rights which are protected for the least and most nefarious of us.
    Attorneys understand that as they protect the civil rights of criminals, most of the population does not understand that they are actually protecting the rights of each and every of us, as well as themselves.
    I would join a protest supporting CNN regarding this travesty, even as they are being destroyed by the powers they have advocated. Whether they and their management learn is irrelevant to the principle at stake.

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