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“Stupid is as stupid does,” said the great American prophet, Forrest Gump.

Meanwhile, Obamacare maestro and MIT professor, the illustrious Dr. Jonathan Gruber, has declared in not one but a multitude of videos that the American people are, well, “stupid.”

You see, when the elites wielding political power lie to us, trick us, cheat us — as with Obamacare — they think that proves that “We, the People,” aka their victims, are all morons. I’m not a fan of fraud or fraudsters; I don’t think it forms the basis for a very happy, healthy society.

Still, I do get their perverted logic. Problem is that, even as far as it goes, the American people didn’t fall for the deceit at the heart of the Affordable Care Act. Poll after poll leading up to Congress passing the ACA demonstrated that most folks opposed it, disbelieving Gruber’s and Obama’s distortions.

Barely a majority of the clueless Congress even fell for the lies! All of them were Democrats.

No, stupid would do something like rake in $6 million from government contracts obtained from politicians with a direct probe into every American’s pocketbook and then call all those Americans paying his lavish tab names. Indeed, Gruber does make a cogent argument about the wisdom of purchasing his services.

Stupid also does stuff like deny even knowing that Dr. What’s-His-Name fellow . . . though previously raving, on camera, about what a wizard the stupid-slinging Prof. Gruber is.

Right, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Pelosi?

Goodness, the American people seem brilliant in comparison. But it’s a low bar.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. JFB says:

    Good point. Indeed in this case it would appear that is was not the people who were “stupid” but rather their “representatives”. This is not surprising as the diminishment of neural horsepower has long been observed in those who have the power to spend other peoples money (and exempt themselves from the effects).
    The legislative and executive branches in this debacle should be asked to self identify as to which of the only two possible groupings they belong to, the stupids or the

  2. Brian Wright says:

    Great column, Paul, especially for noting that the American people were decidedly unstupid (at least by solid majorities) as opposing Obamacare. Another (of many) instance of Congress ignoring their masters. Hmmm, how does that happen in a free society?

  3. Pertinent comments from JFB and Mr.Wright. Great insight Paul. I would only add that as expected, these programs attract frauds and shysters. Not surprised!

  4. IHeartDagney says:

    Gruber was calling the people who fell for his fraud “stupid”, yes. But, they can be forgiven because they do realize how much smarter he is than they are and are willing to place their lives in his hands.

    He was also calling the rest of America “stupid” for not realizing how smart, how much he and his elitist ilk know more than we do. They are the only ones who knows what is best for us. People like him will never be happy, never believe in good in others, unless, of course, they agree with him.

    This is the brilliance of the American founding and why it must be reinstated and preserved. The Judeo-Christian philosophy embedded in the founding is our salvation. Whether you believe in God or not, you are protected from the elitists like this by belief in “natural law” (God or other higher power) which states throughout that NO MAN can take your rights from you. They hate the founding and the basis for the founding. They believe there is no higher power than them. Therefore, they despise the Constitution (but, will cite it when convenient), the Declaration of Independence (again, will use it to deceive), and all religion that empowers rather than dominates.

  5. Eddie says:

    Voting, should be means tested. If one can not pass a High School civics test, voter registration should be revoked.

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