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My Privilege Isn’t White


“White privilege” is all the rage . . . on college campuses. But is there anything substantive to the notion?

As long as some folks view individuals as nothing more than their race, I suppose one can accrue a few advantages simply by being part of the largest racial group.

Moreover, as I explained at length in my Sunday column at, numerous government policies do indeed hit minorities harder.

The War on Drugs has ravaged the black community much more than the white community, for example. This may result more from the higher poverty rates for minorities than to race alone: Police and prosecutors are more likely to arrest and harshly prosecute the poor for no better reason than that the poor are less able to defend themselves, legally or politically.

That’s wrong. We very much need major reforms of unaccountable police power and abusive prosecutors as well as end the drug war.

But getting back to that trendy “white privilege” — it misses a big source of “unfair” advantage.

I’m white, but my privilege mostly isn’t. Of my many advantages, my skin pigmentation nowhere near tops the list.

Whatever success I’ve enjoyed derives mostly from this: I was reared by two parents who supported me, nurtured me, corrected me and cared about me every day from before I was born to now.

No government program, no amount of money, can best that gift.

The most critical element in the success of black and brown and yellow and peach and white kids is not a politician who cares, but a parent — or, better yet, two — providing a nurturing environment, including tough love.

We could all use more of the “unfair” advantage that parents provide.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. J says:

    Claiming minorities are arrested and prosecuted more based on their race and economic status is a narrow sighted opinion not based on fact.  

    Claiming the poor cannot afford to defend themselves is also a falsehood, as everyone is provided legal counsel when being prosecuted.  

    Advocating for the stoppage of the “Drug War” is typically a misguided thought process.  

  2. Cindy says:

    Reply to your “My Privilege Isn’t White”– I wrote this a few days ago! —
    My Comments about What Really Caused “BLACK ANGER” in America,more
    I am going to do my comments about how it came to so much anti-White racism and crimes committed against Whites by Blacks, won’t include the Hispanics and other non-White people here, but you can ‘substitute’. It has nothing to do with slavery in ancestral past, even if they wish to claim that. It has to do with a HUGE White generation called the boomers who earned money and paid taxes. Much of those taxes were extorted ‘legally’ and directed by some complete idiot to financing bastard Black children. Of course the recipients never really appreciated the White people for being forced to ‘fork out’ on their behalf; now that the generation that paid (and paid and paid) has reached collection ages for Social Security and Medicare, the ones who got the ‘perks’ for about forty to fifty decades or so aren’t caring about us (Whites) and the very threats to our lives NOW… they just want their ‘bastard baby’ money to keep coming. Then later the White liberals decided to copy the Blacks’ behavior and in the 70s began producing bastard babies of their own, that ‘reward’ money started looking pretty good. But here is the result. Men became animalistic ‘sperm donors’, ‘baby daddies’, ‘shack ups’, divorces, not even living together but going from woman to woman and making babies at every ‘pit stop’ became the ‘norm’. The more boomer funded illegitimate children, the more the welfare money grew. But the homes were fatherless. I can’t even begin to describe the damage created by the carnal behavior. Sons followed, and were expected to mimic, the behavior, as did daughters. There are a lot of angry Black people now, so much dysfunction in the households, and of course ‘Blame Whitey’ the chant of the day. Meanwhile, we need to CEASE AND DESIST paying taxpayers’ money to provide what the biological fathers need to be providing, but aren’t. We need the money NOW for the ones who were forced to promote these atrocities, this immorality, this dysfunctional anger and anti-White racism, the boomer generation, which deserves the money, after age 64. The mess was created DIRECTLY by whoever decided to rob from us and re-direct it towards bastard children, rewarding abuse of women and children, sexual immorality (and yes, all of this paved the way for what we have seen emerge in the homosexuality, the rapes, pornography, etc, defilement of marriage, ‘living together’, even the perverted ’50 Shades of Gray’ concepts. PAYING FOR THOSE CHILDREN FROM TAXPAYERS’, BOOMERS’, MONEY inadvertently caused ALL OF THIS!) The family was sabotaged… by family I mean a MARRIED COUPLE, with the idea of virginity until lifelong marriage, with men being grown up enough to remain virgins and keep the women virgins until FAMILY, MARRIAGE! We lost real men. Sons have no fathers in the home to demonstrate and teach. Genuine Christianity has been tossed aside. All because of forcing boomers to finance bastard babies. I can’t believe whoever started this was that demented or stupid. Seems to me they had to know the outcome, which, for the purpose of this, is liberal (“gimme more”) angry racist blacks. THAT is why we are seeing the Ferguson incidents among others in our once-nice America. We need laws that protect marriage, which means women and children. We need anti-fornication and esp. anti-adultery laws, mostly for males, and we need to REMOVE ALL WELFARE paying for bastard children. Of course, it would be impossible to get the bio daddies to legitimately ‘fork out’ now (and if they are married with ‘baby mamas’ on the side, it would be unjust to take a married woman’s money – her husband’s paycheck- for the ‘other’ women and children)… the only recourse at least until the mess would be fixed would be PRIVATE (not govt., not taxpayer funded) places to feed and clothe these women and children, give them money, etc… VOLUNTARILY, as in Christian churches. Boomers need our own money now, but again, that’s another issue. We are also going to need more voluntary assistance for the boomer generation, White folk, as well as retaining the promises in Social Security and Medicare, plus get rid of Obamacare…. but again, I veer from the core issue, the one about why Black thugs and ‘thugettes’ are so angry, violent, hateful, intolerant and vile. By the way, we don’t care about your issues, how’s that for a statement to make you even angrier and more dangerous? We are busy living our own lives, and not excusing your behavior or your anger. –“Cheyenne Cin”-P.S. Black women are partly angry because the ‘dole’ has created a genuine lack of real men for them to trust, to marry, to depend upon, we really have done no favors to the predicament placed upon them by paying them to pop out their little bastards. Part of the anger directed towards White people is sheer jealousy. — I will even venture this outcome: THE WRATH OF GOD to come is in large part because of the devastation created by boomers’ money going to illegitimate children. GOD told us all how to do it, placed great emphasis on NOT creating a ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ society that came directly from ‘welfare’ like this. (Remember, too, that if you are getting money for your bastards, and losing that money if you actually marry, it leads to fornication and adultery.) –

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