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Government Fixes

Transformer-in-Chief Barack Obama is at it again.

The president’s latest tune is a variation on a very old theme: whatever government breaks “requires” a new government program.

See a problem; propose and enact a government solution; the problem gets worse, some new ones pop up; blame everything on the voluntary, “freedom” side; demand more and newer government programs.

It’s a trap. Literally, since it involves more coercion by government at every step.

Here’s the story: President Obama was largely repudiated at the polls last November. The performance of his administration and congressional allies proved so lackluster that his party couldn’t muster much of a vote in their favor.

So now Obama promotes the idea of compulsory voting.

“It would be transformative if everybody voted,” Obama said. He mentions Australia, which has had mandatory voting for a while. He doesn’t mention North Korea, which also forces its citizens to vote, or that totalitarian and authoritarian regimes have often used compulsory voting to give their dictators a patina of “democratic legitimacy.”

I’d be embarrassed to bring it up.

Obama brought it up in the context of fighting the influence of big money.

So, to fix particular problems, government gets involved in the economy generally, everywhere — and not by playing umpire to establish a “level playing field,” but by siding first with one group, then with another, with mandates, prohibitions, regulations, etc. (He calls all this “fair,” incredibly.) Naturally enough, affected businesses and individuals petition for insulation from each and every proposed “fix.” Many go on for special favors. This leads to increased money in campaigns, as well as increased lobbying.

So now? Direct coercion of citizens — simply to “get out the vote.”

It’s always force with these folks.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. SDN says:

    Actually, this is all about fraud facilitation. They aren’t going to actually enforce this in Democrat dominated areas, they’ll simply be able to have 100% turnout (“it’s the law; of course they went to the polls”) followed by 99% Democrat votes. Won’t necessarily get them the House, but it should get them the Senate and Presidency permanently.

  2. Vic Jutes says:

    I am normally fairly libertarian, sometimes even a bit anarchistic. But this is one government compulsion I can get behind. I actually like the idea of compulsory voting, with a couple conditions.
    First, the last box on every ballot is labelled “None of the above”. Second, if “none of the above” wins, or if nobody wins {meaning a majority of the votes cast}, a new election must be held in which nobody on the ballot is allowed to run.

  3. Not So Free says:

    I recall reading that Oregon has just brought up the same issue.

    Bad idea and unconstitutional as well, not that this group cares about the constitution.

  4. ed says:

    If ‘none of the above’ was on the ballot and they would close down (even for the term) the office if NOTA won, I’d be tempted to vote.

  5. Pat says:

    Seems almost like an effort to claim the ‘silent majority’ for the left.

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