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Fishy Schemes Against Human Beings

California Drought Fish

Arbitrary governmental pricing of water — as opposed to free-market pricing — provides one major reason why it’s so hard for Californians and others to deal with drought.

I’ve talked about it before. And, as before — indeed, as is so often the case when government constricts our freedom to “solve” problems — the do-badders are pursuing more than one line of attack.

Under-pricing plus edicts about how we may use water are bad enough, sure. But that kind of central planning is just one method of making it harder to quench thirst and water lawns and crops. Another method? Diverting massive amounts of water from the service of human needs in order to “help” a few expendable fish.

In his Reason article “California Drought a Shortage of Water or Common Sense?,” Steven Greenhut laments fishy schemes to lower reservoir levels and drain a lake near the Sierra foothills “to help coax a handful of steelhead trout to swim to the ocean.” Handful? Maybe not quite. Nine fish. A mere nine.

The Lake Tulloch Alliance estimated that up to $2 million in water value would have to be expended to save each individual fish.

Thanks to coverage like Greenhut’s and Stephen Moore’s, and the resultant public outcry — plus the eventual resistance of local water district officials to the environmental demands of state and federal agencies — this particular attempt by radical environmentalists to elevate fish life above human life has been deflected. At least for now.

But there are more battles to come.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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California Drought Fish


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  1. Mike says:

    Actually it was the fry from 29 steelhead which could be anywhere from 29,000 to 87,000 fish. Also they claim the water was to be released anyway. For the first time this year salmon fry are being trucked to the bay.

  2. Brian Richard Allen says:

    …. radical “environmentalists” elevate fish life above Human Life ….. 

    All fascist Leftardism descends from a Malignant-Envy-driven, self, own-culture and, inevitably and invariably, own-species-hatred.

    “Environmentalists'”  ideology doesn’t markedly differ from that of the ‘Green,’ Hitler’s Nazis, that of Hirohito’s “god-king” worshippers nor from that of the false-fuehrer, Muhhummud’s mob. All of whom were and/or are struck collectively Psychopathic by it! 

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