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Sanders Didn’t Say

Bernie Sanders

What can we make of the leftist hatred of the Koch brothers, David and his elder brother Charles? For their support of libertarian and Tea Party causes, and a few Republican candidates, the left doesn’t just demonize them, the left singles them out.

I suppose a reasonable person could blanch at rich people giving money to political causes . . . if they objected to all super-rich donors.

But that’s not what’s happening here.

Leftist hatred of the Kochs is especially weird, considering that Koch causes include gay marriage and opposition to war in the mid-East. And yet it’s the Kochs who get called out . . . by Bernie Sanders, who wants to mobilize “millions of people to say ‘enough is enough — Koch brothers and millionaires can’t have it all.’”

Sanders didn’t say, “Soros and millionaires cannot have it all.” Leftist billionaire George Soros gives millions to organizations working to turn the U. S. into a European-style “social democracy.”

Sanders didn’t say, “Bloomberg and millionaires cannot have it all.” Super-rich statist Michael Bloomberg has spent fortunes to undermine the Second Amendment and make America more of a Nanny State.

Sanders didn’t say, “Steyer and millionaires cannot have it all.” California billionaire Tom Steyer sure spent a lot of money to raise taxes and elect Democrats.

Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist now running for the Democratic presidential nomination, is blinkered: others are greedy; his side is pure.

Enough is enough — what’s important to Sanders is that his opponents be silenced by government order. There’s nothing democratic about that.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Bernie Sanders


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  1. The inconsistencies are telling.

  2. JFB says:

    This is not a policy argument, it is advocacy pure and simple. 
    To Sanders political speech opposed to his positions, must be squelched. Thoughts shared by Stalin, Mao, Ho and Adolph.
    Mr Sanders is disqualified, for he could not take the president’s oath of office. 

  3. Brian Wright says:

    Yes, Sanders is bad on many things. standard leftist BS and aggression on political speech. But he’s also singularly against the globalist agenda with the TPP and against Israeli tyranny and terror in the Middle East.

    • Pat says:

      I wouldn’t expect to vote for a Socialist but Sanders makes me wonder. I’ve listened to him several times on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and in his interactions with callers he is almost always reasonable in his arguments. As someone who has struggled with offshoring and outsourcing, I’m drawn to him more than I expected.
      I also don’t understand the venom directed at the Kochs. I used to watch several PBS series and David H. Koch was always a huge donor. The Kochs aren’t all one-way and neither, it seems, is Sanders.

  4. drrik says:

    Most amazing that he targets the Kochs instead of Soros when Soros has historically always made himself fabulously wealthier by engineering collapse. He truly has been in it for his own profit at the expense of others.

  5. Toddi says:

    ohlord… Bernie Sanders doesn’t support one multimillionaire more than another. He wants to make sure all large donations like that are restricted and preferably banned. Why? Because politics are supposed to be run by the masses and not the rich few. The rich should NOT have a bigger say in things than the poor, and neither a smaller say. You sit here nitpicking because there is nothing you really can pick apart from eachother in his consistency and arguments. Stop fooling around playing politicians and get real. i’m not sure if you’re one of the guys who try to brainwash others or are brainwashed yourself, but would you mind reading up a bit on the stuff you criticise before you do? Sanders does NOT propose restrictions only to the right wing, he proposes the same restrictions to EVERYONE, no bias, no big money.

    So why did he pick the koch brothers? Because they are, in fact, one of the largest political donor groups in the US, and they are someone everyone’s heard about. He can’t go around saying “The koch brothers, soros, bloomberg, steyer and the millionaires can’t have it all” every single time he’s mentioning it. shut your trap if you have nothing thoughtful to say…

  6. Toddi says:

    oh and i noticed these are being moderated… great. now i know for real how biased the american medias are.

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