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Impeach IRS Boss Now

Impeach him

Last week National Review reported that Republicans in the U.S. House have long been pondering impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for stonewalling about whether Lois Lerner’s emails were lost and irretrievable.

Lerner is the former IRS official who oversaw the obstructing of applications for non-profit status by right-leaning and Tea Party organizations. The timeline that has the GOP considering impeachment of the IRS boss goes like this:

  • March 2014: Koskinen testifies before Congress to the effect that it would take quite a while to retrieve Lois Lerner’s archived emails.
  • June 2014. Koskinen tells Congress (eliciting “audible gasps”) that many of Lerner’s scandal-relevant emails had been lost in a “computer crash.” (What happens when you hit hard drives with hammers. . . .)
  • June 2015. Congress learns from the Treasury Department’s inspector general that IRS wasn’t merely lethargic about finding the emails, and didn’t accidentally lose them to a sweeping Lerner-targeting technical glitch, but actively sought to destroy files “most likely to have contained Lerner’s emails.”

However, investigators have recovered data, including 30,000 Lerner emails, that probably do contain many scandal-related epistles. Which anybody who knows anything about the Internet and servers and backups knows had never been lost to begin with — not prior to specific attempts to lose them.

How many weeks must drag on before Congress does what is necessary? Koskinen strung Congress along for his benefit, not ours — giving him more time only plays into his hands.

Stop procrastinating, Congress. Do it. Now.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Impeach him


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  1. JFB says:

    To know without consequence is to allow, and encourage. Maybe it was all a show by both sides for their benefit over the public, the people they all allegedly represent and serve.  Every member of the committees responsible for the delay and inaction needs to be “primaried”.

  2. JATR4 says:

    Good for the IRS. None of those organizations should be tax exempt. They are purely political.

    • Removing all “purely political” organizations from tax exempt status wasn’t on the table. What was happening is some organizations were excluded, while others were not, even though all were supposed to be subject to the same rules.

      The IRS should not have the power to pick winners.

  3. Brian Richard Allen says:

    …. investigators have recovered 30,000 Lerner emails that probably contain many “scandal-related” epistles ….  

    “Scandal related?” 

    Evidence of criminal activity, that is. 

    Parteigenosse Lerner is a fascist mobster. A gangster. A thug. A RICO racketeer. 

    A “Democrat,” that is …. By any of a “Democratic” potty activist’s many other names. 

    Brian Richard Allen

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