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Money (for Us) Good, Profit (for Them) Bad

Teacher's Union

“One thing that we’ve done,” Dennis McBride of Support our Schools-Wauwatosa told a crowd at a free event hosted by the non-profit Wisconsin Public Education Network, “is we’ve made sure every time one of our legislators pops up his or her head above the foxhole, we’re there to shoot at them.”

The crowd laughed, reports the watchdog John K. MacIver Institute, which ran the story under the headline, “Panelist Jokes About Shooting Legislators at Public Education Summit.”

No worries, though: it was just a metaphor.

The genuinely kooky thoughts were less figurative.

One speaker encouraged the audience never to say the two words, “Scott Walker,” for fear of giving “the Wisconsin governor” higher name-recognition.

“Some of the first voucher supporters,” asserted Jonas Persson of the Center for Media and Democracy, “outside of this kind of new right core group of ideologues and wealthy entrepreneurs, were white supremacists. . . .”

Incredibly, he insisted that this movement “drew most of its support from, quote, ‘white flight areas*.’”

Somehow, no one mentioned voucher program successes, or the grassroots support for vouchers in African-American communities.

“The ultimate goal is about breaking down public schools and to be honest with you,” said Jennifer Epps-Addison of Wisconsin Jobs Now/Schools and Communities United, “it’s about profiting off of the education of our kids.”

Heavens! Making a profit by serving parents and children “consuming” education? Unthinkable.

Meanwhile, Epps-Addison pushed the “Wisconsin Freedom Compact,” which calls for doubling the tax dollars going to public education.

Will she guarantee that no one will profit from that?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.


*Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article contained the term “white flight Aryans” in Jonas Persson’s quote. After review of notes and audio recordings, the phrase has been corrected to read “white flight areas.” The context and overall significance of Persson’s statements are not changed, but the quote is updated for accuracy.

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Teacher's Union


By: CS Admin


  1. JFB says:

    As usual, total economic illiteracy. All should be reminded the tax forms which are used calculate tax liability, the 1040 for personal income tax and the 1120 for corporate income tax. Personal income is what your earn in exchange for your labor or goods or, crudely put, your profit.  Corporate income (profits) depend from the same source. 
    If profits are evil the first thing for a believer  to do is to eliminate their personal profit to keep from being tainted by the evil. 

  2. Richard Rider says:

    In opposing vouchers, liberal politicians implement oppressive anti-black policies that DELIGHT the KKK. The Klan stoutly supports opposition to school vouchers and charter schools — keeping blacks “in their place” to benefit the anti-student teachers’ unions.  

    Odd bedfellows, indeed!

  3. Richard Rider says:

    Even socialist Sweden has a FULL education voucher program. ANYONE can send their kids to private school for the per student spending amount of public school.  ANY private school.

    This has been the case since 1992.  After much initial controversy, today it’s universally accepted as an option for Swedish parents. Even the country’s socialist party now supports this voucher option! The WSJ has covered this in the past.

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