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All Those Egos, One Basket

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In Tuesday night’s debate, Democrats  put all their egos in one ideological basket: progressivism. Even Jim Webb managed to sound progressive . . . until he identified his prime personal enemy — the man he shot in wartime.

Bernie Sanders once again insisted on lecturing Americans on what it means to be a “democratic socialist.” Martin O’Malley relentlessly pursued an impossible dream, 100 percent carbon-free electric production by 2050 — far enough off to avoid any possible accountability. And Hillary Clinton said that, sure, she’s a progressive, “a progressive who likes to get things done!”

But what has she “got done,” ever?

It was her secrecy regarding the initial health care reforms back in her husband’s first term that helped spark the firestorm of opposition that led to the Revolution of ’94, and to the triangulating successes of the master of manipulative compromise, Bill Clinton. His was not a “progressive era,” though Democrats still use the 1990s as proof that their (“our”) policies “work.”

With exception of Bernie on gun control and Hillary on foreign policy and spying (Snowden gave out secrets to the enemy: traitor; she gave out who-knows-what via her insecure email server: blankout), the spend-spend-spend mantra of progressivism, mixed with “fair taxes” (higher tax rates) on the top 1 percent, was not challenged on the stage.

How far would they go to close ranks? Bernie sided with her regarding “your damned e-mails.” That’s so ideological as to eschew any consideration of character or loyalty or trust.

Quite a revolution . . . in the party.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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progressivism, meme, progressives, magic, Paul Jacob


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  1. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Webb is the only Democrat who sounds as if he isn’t an adherent of Marxism, however, I cannot forget his boorish behavior toward, and to the face of, President Bush.
    Incidentally, the man Webb shot during wartime was not a “personal” enemy, he would have been a quite impersonal one. 

    • Paul Jacob says:

      Good point. I thought that was a poor choice by Webb. But perhaps he was trying to demonstrate that what we sometimes call enemies are not enemies, just people we have a disagreement with.

  2. Karen H says:

    While there was no way I could sit through 2 hours of Dem “hot air,” I did watch some of the “highlights” on the web.

    These are people who are running for the highest office in the land were peppered with softball questions about domestic affairs. The Middle East & Africa is aflame with bloodbaths. The economy in Europe is shaky. Putin is flexing his bare-chested muscles all over the map. There’s a psycho in South Korea that has nuclear capabilities. But Dem debate glossed over these realities and was concerned with punishing the rich, punishing the gun manufacturers & the “inequality” of the LGBT community. Of course Hillary’s emails were mentioned as a nuisance; while overlooking the gross breach of security.
    Once again, you cannily articulate what I think & feel. The graphic says it all, “Progressivism it’s Magic.”

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