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Anti-Lynch Lynch Mob

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America’s worst racial and sexual injustices were institutionally addressed years ago, in the Sixties and soon after — by folks in the Civil Rights movement, everyday citizens, and their representatives.

So what do today’s earnest, Johnny-and-Jilly Come Lately “Social Justice Warriors” have left to complain about?

Why, building names, of course!

The local college in Annville, Pennsylvania, has been embroiled in a bizarre civil rights complaint about their Lynch Memorial Hall. Named after one Dr. Clyde A. Lynch, a Depression Era benefactor, some SJW students are demanding that it be changed, because of, get this, “associated racial connotations.”

“Lynch,” you see. It triggers them.

I kid you not.

Colin Deppen, writing last week on, explained how Dr. Lynch had nothing to do with the lynching of African-Americans in Jim Crow days. The extra-legal hanging tradition began much earlier, in the Revolutionary War, “with a Captain William Lynch of Pittsville, Virginia.” This fellow “headed a self-constituted court with no legal authority that persecuted suspected British loyalists.”

Lynching’s origins? White-on-white violence, not white-on-black.

SJW students, mostly ignorant and incurious, prefer coming off as whiners or moral scolds than learn something.

Or let a coincidence go.

The problem is this: the closer some people get to reaching their goals, they have less and less to do. Yet many “late adopters” covet the moral authority of their predecessors. So they pack all their frustration and passion into making more and more unreasonable demands.

But this may be self-correcting. They look like idiots. And they have obtained our attention. This Lynch Mob nonsense could be the sign of their end times.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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racism, political correctness, progressivism illustration, common sense, trigger warning, micro-aggression,


By: CS Admin


  1. 2WarAbnVet says:

    You can’t leave your house, these days, without doing something to earn the disapproval of the “perpetually offended”.

  2. Pat says:

    I hope you’re right about this being the beginning of the end, but I doubt it. There is just way too much money to be made by people seeking fame and fortune. We may consider them idiots, but they’ll get their settlements and walk away with a wad of cash. Not all, but enough for some people to figure it’s worth the gamble to extort money from others.
    The end result – a legitimate reason to fight will come up and no one will give a hoot. Crying wolf so many times has that result.

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