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Trump Card Trumped

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According to poll after poll, Donald Trump is winning. He’s a winner.

. . . of a plurality, anyway.

Admittedly, he lost the Iowa caucuses to Sen. Ted Cruz. But he rebounded with a sizeable plurality victory in New Hampshire. Now Trump leads in South Carolina polls.

Among Republican primary voters, that is.

It is a different story in the public and private polls I’ve seen, ones surveying the entire electorate — Republicans, Democrats and independents. Consider the new poll of swing-state Virginia voters by the Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University.

Again, Trump garners a plurality of Old Dominion Republicans, leading next closest contender, Sen. Marco Rubio, 28 to 22 percent. On the other hand, among the entire voting population, a disquieting 64 percent — nearly two out of three voters — view The Donald unfavorably.

Put another way, Trump’s winning in un-favorability.  Only Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are seen anywhere near as negatively, at 58 and 59 percent, respectively.

Can Trump turn that around? Not likely. Folks already know him. He has the highest name recognition of any candidate — higher than Hillary Clinton.

“Almost all the voters have an opinion about Donald Trump,” explained the Wason Center’s Dr. Quentin Kidd, “and twice as many see him in an unfavorable light as view him favorably.”

Trump starts at a “disadvantage,” according to Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight, because “Most Americans just really don’t like the guy.”

To appoint future Supreme Court justices, one must win the General Election with all the people voting, not merely the GOP nomination.

According to poll after poll, that candidate is not Donald Trump.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Trump, popularity, polls, president, 2016, illustration


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  1. Gramma says:

    Donald Duck Quack Quack Trump is not fit to be president. He is a narcissist, just like the present WH occupier–and will show his true colors if elected. He is not a conservative, does not have a background of being a follower of Jesus Christ, and in my mind, he is proving to his wife that he can win and she will be the First Lady of the land, not a divorcee!

  2. Pat says:

    In today’s environment a plurality is all that is needed to win an election. Didn’t Bill Clinton win two elections with less than 45% of the popular vote? Comparing Trump to the others in the GOP primary race is pointless. Everyone has their favorite(s) but most will go with the nominee. How about the TEA Party activist who was so turned off by Trump that she is now supporting……Jeb Bush! From bad to worse! Then there are the neocons like Bill Kristol who are threatening to withhold their support if their candidate (Bush) doesn’t win the nomination. I know of two candidates who will never get my vote – Bush and Rubio. The others are not ideal but they are acceptable. The lesser of two evils has been the norm in presidential politics for a few decades.

  3. Brian Wright says:

    Trump will win in a landslide on Election Day… if he is not Breitbarted or Scaliaed. I watched Trump’s key statements from the SC debate, and, frankly, he was masterly: on Iraq, on 9/11, on jobs, on the debt, on special interests, on identifying with the workers, and even on immigration… except of course for ‘the Wall’ (which I thought the Bushies already erected via Cheney and company years ago, so maybe he means simply to complete it or something).
    He connects, he speaks to the common working man, he’s at least more antiwar than any of the other candidates of both parties, he doesn’t seem to think that US foreign policy should be dictated by Tel Aviv and AIPAC (the Zionistas). He came out against executive orders that Obama is using to create a total full-spectrum Orwellian state. The worst I can think of him is he’s perhaps more protectionist than I’d like. But to counter that, he’s the only candidate who’s showing any interest whatsoever in telling the TPP and globalist finance capitalists of the New World Order to shove it.

  4. Paul Jacob says:

    Very interesting comments from different vantage points — from don;t like Trump, to OK w/ him, to he’s “the man.”

    My position? His polling among the full electorate is scary, not good at all, higher negatives than even Hillary Clinton.

  5. Val says:

    It’s November 2016 and he is now President so…yeah…bawahahahahahahahahaha

  6. jessie westcamp says:

    my view – – – I said to any who’d listen – – – “I’d vote for a fireplug before I’d vote for Hillary Clinton “, not so much  FOR Donald as AGAINST Hillary because of the total dishonesty in the woman and the whole Democrat party.  I’m 88 and have seen the decline in morals and infiltration of the Communist Party-USA ever since around one of Dubya’s elections where on Google recently (2015 entry under their website) an article titled ” Working with the Democrat Party is Key” was posted.
          Other reason – – – I am a very old woman and really don’t like the idea of needing a woman President because she would have to go up against the Islamist nations who think a woman has less value than a good working stock dog!
           Result? As a tea partier, when he came out of the last “debate” with favor on ALL my issues, my vote was secure. One other point – – –  every form of Government has the seeds of its own destruction built in  – – – human nature of lust for money and thus power. Capitalism has done the best so far, but while our young seem to embrace socialism through ignorance of history, the gigantic China has been embracing many of capitalism’s ideas. 

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