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Pincher, Pinchee

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Limited government sports several rationales. The need for it pertains on many levels. One such level we don’t think about enough? This: Not every rights violation warrants calling in the law.

Take the strange case of Breana Evans, 12-year-old assailant, charged with misdemeanor battery.

What did she do?

She pinched the gluteal posterior of a boy she did not know.

Now, pinching the butt-end of strangers is a breach not only of decorum (to the extent that this standard we call “decorum” even exists any more), but of a pinchee’s rights.

Yet it was a mere pinch.

And the boy did not press charges.

The school’s “resource deputy” did not arrest her; she was merely suspended from school.

It would have remained a minor matter (so to speak) had not the boy’s mother “insisted to police that he was the victim of battery, and so they had no choice but to arrest Breana,” as Robby Soave explained over at Reason. “She was Mirandized and put in a patrol car. They took her mugshot and booked her into juvenile detention.”

The escalation of the dispute over carnal rites and personal rights into a matter fit for the police is, it seems to me, a grave result of a sort of cultural hysteria about all sorts of things. The willingness of some adults to push children through our harsh, bureaucratic, and often ruthless criminal justice system is sad to behold.

It is more indecent than a pinch.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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police, crime, law, rights, pinch, juvenile, illustration


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  1. Brian Wright says:

    Completely ludicrous and outrageous. My thinking though is that grand juries can straighten a lot of these reductio ad absurdum cases by simply indicting public officials who enable such lunacy for corruption and petit treason. All these instances of violation of common sense are affronts to humanity and American First Principles. Just throw them out and the rules that enable them, one by one, by fully empowered people’s grand juries. There’s a lot of work to do.

  2. Brian Richard Allen says:

    …. The willingness of some adults to push children through our harsh, bureaucratic and ruthless criminal “justice” system is sad to behold.

    …. It is more indecent than a pinch …. 

    “Indecent?” It is positively obscene! 

    And is and has been just as-obscenely aggravated, by more than fifty years of scouring the third world’s cesspools for and/or allowing the free and unimpeded ingress of scores of millions of criminal and of “legal,” parasitical, “entitled” and big “reward” demanding migrants.

    Of invaders and colonizers. 

    Of, that is, “Democratic” potty constituents. 

    America didn’t change. Americans did. 

    Brian Richard Allen

  3. Karen H says:

    In Italy & Greece that pinch would’ve been considered a compliment.

    How ridiculous the mother is. What point was she trying to make in putting an adolescent through this? Couldn’t the police have just refused rather then waste precious police resources & time? What real crime could they have prevented while arresting & processing a 12 year old.

    Hysterical behavior on the part of the mother is correct.

    The things I did as a child would be punishable by death in today’s twisted PC world. I feel so sorry for Breana & her family. Even for sorry for the “pinchee.” What a mother he has to grow up with, who teaches her son that a simple act of physical attraction is evil.

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