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Dangerous, Incoherent

Hillary Clinton, incoherent, Donald Trump, foreign policy, presidential

Hillary Clinton came out swinging against Donald Trump yesterday. She said electing the man would be an “historic mistake.”

As opposed to her past career in politics, which I would call an historical mistake.

Mrs. Clinton focused in on Mr. Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements. “She ran through Mr Trump’s foreign policy points and rejected each one,” reported the BBC, “calling him thin-skinned, irrational and unprepared.”

Funny, though: I wouldn’t exactly call Mrs. Clinton the opposite: thick-skinned, rational, or prepared.

Take her main charges, then look at the obvious demerit of each:

“Mrs Clinton said a Trump presidency could start overseas wars and ruin the US economy.” Don’t vote Trump — starting wars and ruining the economy is Clinton’s job!

Trump’s “proposals were vague and often nonsensical.” Unlike Clinton’s, whose murky specifics speak of evasion from a to z — and whose policies in Libya and elsewhere made no sense whatsoever, breeding more conflict and opposition in place of the regimes she helped undermine and remove.

“Questioning his relationship with Russian president Vladmir Putin, she said: ‘I’ll leave it to a psychiatrist to explain his affection for tyrants.’” And speaking of perverse affection, her and her husband’s Clinton Foundation has been milking foreign tyrants for years. All very above-board, I’m sure.

“‘This isn’t reality television, this is actual reality,’ she said.” If you ask me, her reality is just as irreal as Trump’s.

We can do better, America.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Hillary Clinton, incoherent, Donald Trump, foreign policy, presidential


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  1. Karen H says:

    “We can do better, America.” I agree, Paul. But where & how is this going to happen 5+ months from election day?

    It is alarming that these are our choices. Or the Bern if he has his way. So sad! Mrs. Clinton has a web of past political deceit and international intrigue. While Trump has a closet-full of shady dealings & checkered relationships. Unfortunately it’s all about name recognition & a sizeable war chest.

    God bless us all.

  2. Mike Spalding says:

    It sounds like a great year to check out the Libertarians.  They won’t win, but you can rest easy knowing you didn’t support either Hillary or Donald.  And their presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, isn’t a looney.  The guy cleaned up the fiscal mess in New Mexico while he was the governor for two terms.

  3. Brian Richard Allen says:

    …. We can do better, America ….

    We may do better, America.

    We must do better, America.

    We WILL do better, America!


    Brian Richard Allen

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