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Dr. Michael J. Hurd

The initiation of violence at the Donald Trump rallies foreshadows the force to come when socialism — an ideology of force — continues to gain ground in what was once the land of individual liberty, private property, freedom of association and freedom of speech.

Michael J. Hurd, “Why Violence Against Trump Supporters, But Not Sanders/Clinton Supporters?” June 4, 2016.

By: Redactor


  1. Rollin L. says:

    Uh, both Clinton and Trump have called for statutory limits on free speech that is unfavorable to them personally. I don’t exactly see how Trump is a champion of individual liberty, given that fact. Better choice than Hillary? Yes, but not without dangers of his own.

    • Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

      Also I would not be surprised if the attacks are Trump engineered and financed theater? sure like to know but that would take great detective work.

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