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Indecency Abounds

Donald, Trump wins, media, failure, illustration

The most indecent aspect of this bizarre election year? The “grab them” comment . . . from a decade ago? The lies about lies about lies? The “debates”?

Maybe not. Maybe it’s the infamous “mainstream media.”

Last week I wrote about the most obvious case, that of Donna Brazile and her helping hand emails to the Clinton campaign, accomplishing what years of mere induction and analysis could not: justifying, totally, the epithet for CNN as the “Clinton News Network.”

But it was nearly the whole media that was in the tank, as we say nowadays, for Mrs. Clinton. This has been obvious for some time. Even mainstream media mavens have noticed it, as I wrote not too long ago.

Will more journalists and TV faux-journalists notice?

They certainly have now noticed that they did not see a Trump victory coming.

Delusional about Hillary Clinton’s likability, and about how normal folks react to her history of corruption and scandal, TV talking heads and powerful newspapers doubled down in her favor . . . which may have actually helped precipitate a result against their intention.

The mainstream media triggers much of America, you see, especially the parts of the country that revolted against the prospect of a Clinton Dynasty.

Not that I place myself above journalists as objective, either. I’m not a journalist. I’m an activist. I am for liberty. Responsibility. Accountability. Limited government. I’m no more a fan of major party messiahs than I am of their rah-rah boys in the journalist biz.

I’m not exactly shouting about Trump’s win. I’m just happy that Hillary — and her vast Democratic-partisan media conspiracy — lost.

If this be indecency, make the most of it.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Donald, Trump wins, media, failure, illustration


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  1. 2War Abn Vet says:

    We may as well get ready now. If you recall the hate the lapdog media spewed against George Bush every day of his Presidency; it will be as nothing compared to that Trump will experience. The leftist media did everything possible to prevent his election; they will now double-down to prove they were right, and the American people were wrong.

  2. JFB says:

    The opportunities presented by this election for the liberty movement must be recognized and built upon, We have our work cut out for us, true, but at least we are not locked out.

  3. Karen H says:

    As I read social media today, there is much fear, horror & some gloating. I don’t fear President – elect Trump’s presidency as many claim. As you have said, both were flawed candidates. I found her corruption worse.

    The Union has survived many good, bad & indifferent Presidents. I think the Union will improve after 8 years of failed domestic & foreign policies.

    The populace that voted Trump sent a clear message that they are sick of Capitol cronyism. I truly hope Mr. Trump sticks to his word about proposing term limits.

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