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Savagely Killing Conversation

Michael Savage, police, murder, killing,, justice, Bernie Sanders

“You think the police deserve to be killed?” That’s what talk show host Michael Savage asked his caller yesterday.

What brought that on?

A self-described liberal woman named Teri had called The Savage Nation. Though not a Trump supporter, she “did not have the antipathy for him that most liberals did.”

“[U]nderneath his brashness and braggadocio,” Teri had thought, “there actually beat a heart for America.” But after his numerous initial appointments, she is now “terrified.”

On air, Teri admitted that her preferred candidate for president had been independent (not turned Democrat) Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Savage called Sanders a “con man” — a “race-baiter” who “attacked the police regularly.”

That’s when he inquired if it was her desire to see police officers murdered. To which, she replied, “No, my husband was a police captain.”

Savage: “That’s amazing. How could you vote for a man like Bernie Sanders, who hated the police and used the police as a weapon to stir up minorities?”

Teri: “Believe it or not, my husband actually supported him, too.”

Savage: “Why would a police captain support Bernie Sanders?”

Teri: “Well, my husband was a very honored and honorable policeman.”

Savage: “You mean, all the police who were killed deserved to be killed?”

Savage, indeed. Does he really believe that a person criticizing certain police behavior or seeking reform necessarily thirsts for the blood of innocent police? Really?

Or does he simply hope to shut down any thoughtful conversation about the injustice in our criminal justice system?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Michael Savage, police, murder, killing,, justice, Bernie Sanders


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  1. Brian wright says:

    What an asshole (Savage)! I expect we’re in for another round of them with the ascendancy of Trump, just as George II elevated so many: O’Reilly, Hannity, the boney-assed fake blond who was on Bill Maher all the time (mental block), Limbaugh, and all the rest. The CIA and its GPN (Government Propaganda Network) never sleep. 🙁

  2. Drifter says:

    Contrary to this writer, I think they were logical questions, considering the facts of who is actually running the Black Lives Matter anti-police show in the United States. George Soros isn’t the least bit motivated to allow a rational conversation to occur…

  3. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    I am with Brian wright. The police need to be held accountable just as anyone would who carelessly used a weapon to kill people who are many times not armed. I dreaded the damage that Hillary or Trump and Bannon will cause on a number of issues . (I am relieved and very comfortable that I voted for the best person with experience and good character and a sense of justice. I did not have to agonize over which of the duopoly is the worse). Savage is a very strange person who is probably thrilled with the true Trump, Savage states his oft repeated mantra of Borders, Language Culture. He desires totally adhering to English language by law, strict and impregnable borders and return to only Western European culture. Savage and Trump are both on record for their ideas of white superiority and curtailing immigration .No surprise there. Law and Order as people like Savage and Trump use it has a darker meaning than many know.

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