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The Man from Freedom

David Roland, Freedom Center of Missouri, Girl Scouts, Jennifer

In the Show-Me State, an attorney is showing us government held accountable.

He leaves folks inspired about their freedom, wondering . . . who was that masked attorney?

Well, no. Against my advice, he won’t wear a mask to court, nor leave behind silver bullets. (He says they’re too expensive.)

David Roland is the Man from Freedom — er, the Freedom Center of Missouri, co-founded with his wife Jenifer in 2010. Every day, they defend “individual liberty and constitutionally limited government.”

I first heard about the Center when Dave Roland defended two Girl Scouts being harassed by the City of Hazelwood. “People would assume you have the right to have a lemonade or cookie stand in your yard,” he explained. “Here we have a city that says not only is it illegal, but you can’t even get a permit to do it.”

Last January, Roland won a verdict preventing St. Louis County officials from banning third party and independent candidates from special election ballots.

Earlier this month, our crusader* achieved another big victory, this time against the East Missouri [Drug] Task Force, which had been violating the open records law by blocking public attendance at its public meetings.

Yet, the judge failed to award the Center attorney’s fees. Hey, even super-heroes and super-lawyers have to pay the rent.

Let’s form “a posse”: click here† to support the work of the Freedom Center of Missouri with our own silver bullets, coins . . . or just pull out your plastic. Please.

The Man and Woman from Freedom will thank you (and so do I).

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.


* Darn it, if Dave doesn’t refuse to don the cape, too.

This link goes to the Freedom Center’s main page — the PayPal donation button is at right.

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David Roland, Freedom Center of Missouri, Girl Scouts, Jennifer


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