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Stockholm Syndrome?

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Can we handle the truth? Governments and media professionals don’t always think so.

Journalist Ami Horowitz, whose interview with Tucker Carlson caught President Trump’s attention last week, noted that, despite what he learned (and recorded) at street level in Sweden, Swedes in general and government personnel in particular* seem resistant to acknowledging the levels of violence in Muslim migrant communities.

The media firestorm that followed Trump’s off-the-cuff comments seemed more evidence of the same, as did the Washington Post coverage of yesterday’s riots in Stockholm, in the 89 percent immigrant suburb of Rinkeby.

“Multiple criminologists in Sweden . . . said the notion that immigrants were responsible for a large proportion of crime in the country was highly exaggerated,” the Post report explained. “Nevertheless, the integration of immigrants into Swedish society is a problem that the government has been struggling to address.”

Yet, in the wake of a 2013 riot by migrants, David Frum noted that, “Sweden does not report data on crimes by foreign-born people, only by foreign passport holders — meaning that an immigrant who has been naturalized will be counted as a Swede for statistical purposes.”

The media, like the Swedes, seem protective. Not of native-born Swedes, but of the immigrant populations.

Swedes really are well meaning. But good intentions are not enough. In Sweden, as throughout Europe, Muslim immigrants have been let in but not assimilated. Unskilled, most émigrés cannot find jobs . . . and you know what they say about “idle hands.”

Bending over backwards to downplay problems, though, isn’t the answer. It prevents Swedes and others from coming to the correct conclusion: the best way to help others is not to put them on the dole in your (foreign!) land, but to aid them close to home.

And stop bombing and destabilizing their countries, too.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.  


* The policemen interviewed in Horowitz’s video have claimed they were taken out of context. Horowitz denies that charge here.

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  1. JFB says:

    Sadly, the only thing which actually ends wars is the inability to be able to continue to wage them and the civilian populations refuse to continue to support them..
    Allowing massive immigration, combined with the outside financing and supply of munitions, allows wars to continue long after the economic and human exhaustion would naturally force a peace..
    With outside military and financial support the end on the war is only after the complete and absolute eradication of one of the sides, coupled with the near eradication of the other..
    We dare to call participation in that “aid” when it better described and meets perfectly the definition of genocide.
    As evil always begets harm, those who allow the massive and unnatural immigration of the “war refugees” will find that they too will suffer as the result of the interventions, even if they are relatively innocent and outwardly charitable,.

  2. Larry Owens says:

    I agree with your position. It seems that our politicians and media follow the same policy of bending over backwards and downplaying problems which we have experienced in the inner cities for decades.
    The same can be said about problems associated with uncontrolled immigration and it’s impact on crime and welfare systems.

    • John F. Brennan says:

      It is politically incorrect to report the problems which were caused and created by the governments, problems which they have no present plan, or even thought,  on how to correct. 

  3. Golfnut6 says:

    The six-day standoff that birthed the expression Stockholm Syndrome was more bizarre than current accounts tell. It was a botched bank robbery that wen very bad. Hostages were, for the most part kept in the bank vault. Rapes started on the third day. The robber demanded that a jailhouse buddy be released from jail and brought to the bank to join the fun in exchange for some hostages. A hole was drilled into the ceiling of the vault from a room above that provided a sort of peep show for police. Some of the rape victims are said to have fallen in love with their captors. Hence the phrase. And this could only have happened in liberal clueless Sweden.

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