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Why socialist utopias always get hijacked. . .

A state vast and powerful enough to enforce socialism is an irresistable temptation to those who would abuse power. . .

as has been demonstrated again and again and again.

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  1. Rocketman says:

    That question is like asking why the Sun is hot? There is a clinical name for someone who has a gambling problem, a drug problem, a sex problem and so on but what is the name for someone who has a control problem? Someone who no matter what seeks control for their own ends and not to advance humanity. If your a sex addict then the “perfect job” for you would be to work in a house of prostitution. If your a thief then it would be in a bank. To a person who has a “control” problem then it’s politics. Only in politics can you screw up royally and frequently do something illegal and if your even caught at it get a slap on the wrist and within a few years go back and try the same thing over again. Look at Bill Clinton. Do you think that if he had not entered politics that his sex addition would not have landed him in jail at the very least?

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