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The Last Straw

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How much should we fine waiters who destroy our planet?

For how long should they go to jail?

I don’t know where you would hold such an evildoer after the earth has been destroyed. Or where he’d go when released. But we’re speaking hypothetically. Assume that planet-destroyers can be imprisoned on the moon, which let’s just say still orbits the earth’s decimated remains. Or assume that after being destroyed, the planet can be reconstructed. After serving his sentence, then, the waiter would be released to a reconstructed earth.

In that case, a maximum $1,000 fine as suggested by Ian Calderon, Democratic majority leader of the California State Assembly, seems only fair. However, a maximum of six months in jail is excessive. In my opinion, planet-destroying waiters should suffer no more than 100 days in jail.

Calderon has proposed a bill, AB-1884, to fine and/or imprison waiters who offer unsolicited plastic straws to restaurant patrons. In response to criticism of his silly and vicious bill, Calderon says hey, it’s “NOT a ban” on straws! Oh, okay. Anyway, “Penalties are based on the code section the bill is currently in, which it will be amended out of,” which sounds like Calderon was prior to the uproar . . . what, joking?

As long as we’re amending, let me amend my own implication that people who offer, use, make or sell plastic straws* are in fact helping destroy earth. Just kidding!

The earth will survive plastic straws. Will it survive the Calderons of the world?

Open question.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.


* Not that I’m confirming or denying ever using one myself.

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  1. 2War Abn Vet says:

    You know they used to -and they still do – make paper drinking straws. Problem solved!

    • Karen H says:

      But Paper straws don’t work as well. They get soggy & collapse.

    • Karen H says:

      Your post & this idiotic Bill proposal points out the insanity that exists among the California law makers. I swear they sit up nights dreaming of ways to steal liberties, tax & fine the California Citizens. Instead of taking on real issues, like a crumbling infrastructure, homelessness, Veterans’ Affairs, government waste; fining servers over plastic straws gets this moron’s attention.

      When I use a plastic straw, like all other plastic, paper & cardboard, it goes in the recycling bin. Maybe, just maybe, the brain trust of Sacramento could figure a way to make recycling more efficient. This is a beautiful state, but it’s being destroyed by the bureaucrats. Soon only the very wealthy & very poor will enjoy it..

  2. Rocketman says:

    I would suggest that the Democrat legislatures that voted in favor of this be given an immediate test to see if they have been infected with rabies or the mad cow disease virus. There seems to be something SERIOUSLY WRONG with these people.

    • Karen H says:

      Seriously wrong, Rocketman… They’ve either been out in the sun too long, or worshiping at the altar of another crazy idiot, Nancy Pelosi.

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