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Townhall: Don’t Fiddle with the Franchise

By: Redactor

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  1. Dan says:

    The voting age should be no younger than 21. In every place in the USA.
    Teenagers are, in fact, still too easily influenced by others.
    And it is true that the public school systems across the USA have been left, if not far left, for over 40 years.
    And they have been teaching /indoctrinating in that fashion for years. Just look at the examples we see in the news every day.
    And this article mentions civic duty.
    But, the vast majority of our schools have not taught civics in years.
    Students are not being taught anything about how our Constitutional Republic really works.
    In fact, they are not even being taught true USA History. Our history is being revised by liberal publishers and then being taught in our schools.
    So, it is easy to see why our young people think that laws change simply by protesting and/or boycotting and that it the right thing to do by tearing down historical symbols like statues.
    Our public universities have adopted this same twisted way of doing things
    So, our young people need to live enough life and gain some real experience in which they can form their beliefs based on reality rather than the blather, and really, lies they are being influenced by within our education systems.

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