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Sucker-Punching the People

Sneaky. Low-down. Poltroons.

Click on over to Townhall for this weekend’s highlights reel on how politicians do it, how they sucker-punch the people.

Then come back here for the raw footage:


El Dorado News-Times: Arkansas Supreme Court disqualifies term limits proposal

KARK: Mike Huckabee Talks Capitol Corruption, Term Limits

Arkansas Times: Ethics rules? Legislators hate them

Governing: Fed Up by Corruption, Arkansas Voters Could Revisit Term Limits

Townhall (Paul Jacob): The Deceivers

Common Sense with Paul Jacob: The Natural State of Politicians


Common Sense with Paul Jacob: Memphis Politicians Cheating Voters

Daily Memphian: Not No, But Hell No

Commerical Appeal: Why not write city ballot questions in plain English?

IVN: Jennifer Lawrence Warns Memphis Voters, “You’re About to be Blindsided by Your Own Government”

Common Sense with Paul Jacob: Graceless Memphis Politicians


Common Sense with Paul Jacob: Nashville’s Trojan Horse

Common Sense (video): Note on Nashville (at Global Forum)

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