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Ray Bradbury

I foresaw political correctness 43 years ago. . . . whereas back then I wrote about the tyranny of the majority, today I’d combine that with the tyranny of the minorities. These days, you have to be careful of both. They both want to control you. . . . I say to both bunches, Whether you’re a majority or minority, bug off! To hell with anybody who wants to tell me what to write. Their society breaks down into subsections of minorities who then, in effect, burn books by banning them. All this political correctness that’s rampant on campuses is B.S. You can’t fool around with the dangerous notion of telling a university what to teach and what not to.

Ray Bradbury, referring to his 1953 novel of book-burning, Fahrenheit 451 in a Playboy interview (May 1996).

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  1. John F Brennan says:

    Bradbury’s prescience was limited in that he did not foresee the political correctness would in its final form be supported by the achedemics and artists who he had premised would be the last, but successful defense of free speech and expression. 

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