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Test of Humanity

Velfredo Pareto, economics,laws, socialism

It has been a big week for socialism — or, rather, anti-socialism.

The high point was probably President Trump’s State of the Union Address, in which he opposed not only the murderous, ruinous regime in Venezuela, but also the rising tide of socialism in the Democratic Congress — with Senator Sourface, er, Bernie Sanders, trying not to explode as he heard that taboo word “free” applied to America . . . not goodies.

Meanwhile, Panera Bread announced, The Blaze reports, that it is closing “its last pay-what-you-can restaurant, located in Boston, on Feb. 15.”

“Panera Cares” was, it appears, “initially created to serve food to low-income people nine years ago in 2010,” but sure seemed to be itching to prove a sort of post-capitalist point. The company’s founder, Ron Shaich, said that “the program’s aim was a ‘test of humanity.’”

More like a test of gullibility.

No branch of the “experiment” ever ran in the black. Like experiments in society-wide socialism, it relied upon subsidy to carry on — but unlike in socialism, Panera could not force people to cough up the dough needed to keep it going.

Once upon a time, the great economist Vilfredo Pareto, during a lecture, was repeatedly interrupted by one Gustav von Schmoller, who denied that economists had discovered any enduring principles, especially ones that would undermine his beloved socialism. So Pareto dressed down as a bum and approached Schmoller on the streets, inquiring about a restaurant that served meals for free. When Schmoller told him that there were only cheap, but no free meals, at restaurants, Pareto stood up with the ultimate gotcha: 

“So there are laws in economics!”

Socialism fails reality’s test. 

Humanity has not failed socialism’s.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Velfredo Pareto, economics,laws, socialism

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  1. Skip Cook says:

    Wow PJ. “Murderous Venezuela “. You’re beginning to sound like John Bolton. I guess it’s good you live in a country that never murders in such small numbers. Skip Cook 

  2. Prentiss Davis says:

    I believe when I was in high school I found the ideas of Socialism rather intriguing but by age 20, or that is after a couple of years working full time I felt strong enough to stand up in my college classes and ridicule in no uncertain terms the foolish professors who were praising socialism and apparently were totally clueless regarding the real world. Have the young people today no eyes, or common sense? I suspect the root of the problem is delusional school teachers and over protective parents. Nothing like a real job in a for profit business, where the lazy and no shows are quickly discharged and no profits means no paycheck, to teach some basic economics.

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