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Fair Share Unpaid

Donna Brazile, Fox, corruption

The CNN onscreen contributor who snuck debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign in advance of the 2016 presidential debates is now a talking head on Fox News.

“I am excited by the opportunity to share my perspective and views with the Fox News audience and to help shape the dialogue at this important juncture in our history,” wrote Donna Brazile last month. “More importantly, I’m eager to learn from the experience.”

Not a big Fox News fan, me; I don’t keep up with personnel changes. Her head just appeared — as a surprise! — onscreen in a Fox News video in my YouTube feed, covering a Bernie Sanders event. She was apparently hired for her campaign expertise — not for her journalism or ethics.

“Everything we believe in as Americans will be examined and, in essence, ratified by our votes,” she explained. “But it concerns me, as it does the majority of good Americans, that our national debate has become hostile and disrespectful. We no longer simply agree to disagree. Too often we demonize the intentions of others. Our lines of communication are frayed, if not broken.”

Well, one reason for these frayed lines of communication has been all the political and media corruption.

As Brazile demonstrated at CNN in 2016. 

She cops, obliquely, to her “fair share of mistakes” in her past career as an activist. “Some would argue I’ve made more than my fair share,” she confessed.

Interesting how insiders in Washington never pay for their mistakes.

Their unfair share.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Donna Brazile, Fox, corruption

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  1. The incomes of journalists turn upon their abilities to attract an audience; the abilities of journalists to shape the future turn upon their ability to establish and to maintain the trust of that audience.

    Many in what are called “old media” have expressed fear at the implications for their social positions of the arisal of rival media, especially by way of the Internet. And, yet, what have the old media done to persuade the general public that the old media deserve continued attention, except as freak shows?

    Perhaps Ms Brazile will occasionally bite the head off a chicken.

  2. In my opinion, Fox News , in their endeavor to be more accomidating in their news broadcasting , has made a big mistake. The camel has now its’ nose in the tent. It will try to take the whole space in the tent. Let’s watch together.

  3. Lisa Evans says:

    I haven’t been watching too much of Fox News, or any other news network very closely over the past few months, but I have noticed that Donna Brazile seems to have become at the very least, a guest host on “The Five”, seemingly standing in for the token Democrat Juan Williams.  She has appeared on Fox News several times during the Trump administration.  I’m not sure if she has garnered a permanent position there, but considering she has been so involved in the Democratic Party over the years, I think that they more than likely just brought her in for the release of the Mueller report.  I hope to see Juan Williams back next week.

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