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The Real Scandal Continues

Jimmy Dore, Tucker Carlson, Russia, julian assange,

The Mueller Report goes public today, and though some hope to find within it a splinter of kindling upon which to light the bier for President Trump, odds are high for a fizzle, a wet firecracker on a Fifth of July morning. 

Still, the whole Russiagate issue has not lacked for entertainment value. 

As comedy.

Little wonder that some of the best commentary on the left has included the incredulous coverage of the brouhaha by a professional comic.

Jimmy Dore, late of The Young Turks, has from the beginning been a skeptic of the modern conspiracy theory about Trump’s alleged Russian Collusion. Now he gloats. Earlier this week, on his podcast The Jimmy Dore Show, he came out swinging, insisting that the Hillary Clinton campaign actually did what the Donald Trump campaign was accused of doing. But, he laments, “accountability is not coming” — no journalist will be fired, nor the worst fake news stories even be retracted.

Mr. Dore also points to Tucker Carlson as a surprising purveyor of the truth about Julian Assange — that the Wikileaks guy, recently nabbed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, is not guilty of the crimes he is accused of. But Assange has humiliated nearly everyone in the political class. Dore wonders why Carlson can get this story right, but the major talking heads at CNN and MSNBC — all to the left — cannot.

Yes, why? 

Why is journalism now so lockstep in line with the corporatist Deep State and its major political operators?

I probably disagree with Dore on the answer. He thinks the Deep State’s main goal is to keep progressives out of power.

But the question is at least worth asking.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Jimmy Dore, Tucker Carlson, Russia, julian assange,

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  1. John Brennan says:

    I agree with you Paul, and believe that the Deep State will encourage and promote the progressives over time as for the Deep State the preservation and advancement of power is the first goal, and “progressives” are certainly into that even if it is an unintended consequence as opposed to a stated goal.
    As for Assange, he has been accused of assisting in the breaking into secure classified systems, not simply publishing the result of others’ improper and ill-gotten “work product”. That could be a legitimate prosecution under the current law.
    The real policy question, Assange aside, is what should be classified and withheld secret from the US citizens (and the world at large) given that we are the shareholders of the enterprise that is this Country and cannot be expected to do our job to supervise and control our government without having the information to actually know what it is doing to us and on our behalf, allegedly on the authority we have delegated to it.

  2. Carl Fisher says:

    I think that Mr. Dore has it backwards.The deep state is an ally to the Progressives

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