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The Trump of the Will

Robert Mueller, disaster, testimony, collusion, exonerate, hearing,

It’s over — our long national nightmare is over.

Or is it? 

Congress’s “movie” version of Robert Mueller’s book-length report on Trump-Russia collusion flopped. That is, Wednesday’s hearings were an “optics . . . disaster.” 

The Democrats and their media cheerleaders had put so much stock in the event, hoping it would be a Triumph of the Will spurring the much-longed-for Trump impeachment, an inspiration to move the masses on to victory.

It turned out to be more an industrial film on early stage dementia, with Robert Mueller the befuddled protagonist, demonstrating that he was either slipping, or had not really been in charge of the report bearing his name.

Now, we sympathize with dementia patients.

But should we sympathize with congressional Democrats? And the Republicans, too? 

They are as pathetic and evil and foolish and craven as they seem for reasons. We live in a time of crisis. They have politicked themselves into their respective corners; they now feel trapped.

Their desperation has given us Trump — The Antichrist to most Democrats and The Savior to most Republicans. I am pretty sure neither is true. 

Trump is a sign of the times.

Maybe, in the smoldering ruins of the Mueller hearing conflagration, the case for impeachment — and for Trump as Russian Agent — will completely disappear. Democrats can regain their senses, and Republicans can go back to their theme of responsibility (as epitomized in their long-lost cause of balanced budgets and limited government).

But I won’t hold my breath.

The nightmare may be over, but Washington’s dementia is harder to recover from.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Robert Mueller, disaster, testimony, collusion, exonerate, hearing,

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  1. Fred says:

    Drumph is Putin’s puppet. Why? Putin has the “pictures”. It really is a simple explanation.

  2. Paul L Veazey says:

    Trump is not “The Savior” to most Republicans. He is simply a man with many flaws who is nevertheless doing a better job as President than any other recent holder of the office. And Trump is probably not “the Antichrist” to most Democrats because most of them have little or no respect for the Christ, so they would not even think in terms of an Antichrist.

  3. Pat says:

    Good think you didn’t hold your breath, Paul. Democrats today announced an impeachment investigation. Not sure what that entails, but it seems they won’t give up on their dream of removing Trump from office. Dreams die hard and Democrats are clinging desperately to this dream to keep it from slipping away from them.

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