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Stranger Things 2019

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On Tuesday, I seconded George F. Will’s judgment that the biggest story of 2019 was the Hong Kong protest movement.

In America, though, 2019’s top news story must be how the anti-Trump movement morphed from Russiagate, which fizzled upon release of the Mueller Report, to the quasi-impeachment bit over the most yawn-inducing scandal of all time, Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call.

It is certainly a strange story, but there are stranger big stories from last year. I am tempted to assert that the year’s biggest news is actually the Biggest Non-Story: trillion-dollar deficits and ever-increasing debt.

No protest over that enormity. Getting anyone to talk about it is like getting the government to come clean on . . . UFOs.

Which brings us to the absolutely weirdest story of 2019. During this last swing ‘round the sun, multiple sources associated with (and inside) the federal government, admitted that, within the corridors of our un-beloved Deep State, artifacts from crashed ‘and landed’ UFOs were being studied.

After decades and decades of ridicule, eye-rolls, stonewalling, lying, and disinformation about ‘flying saucers,’ several important government bodies — including the Army and Navy — now admit that they almost regularly encounter astounding . . . crafts . . . that are not part of our nation’s official sea and air technology inventory. 

These admissions amount to ‘disclosure.’ But it is not an information dump — disclosure is just a trickle, so far.*

Why? Perhaps the idea is that we cannot handle the truth.

Or perhaps they can’t.

Which isn’t really unlike ever-increasing deficits and debt, now that I think about it.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

* Still, even with a mere handful of official and near-official admissions of retrieved UFO tech, the story looms large indeed.

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UFO, debt, deficit,

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  1. Pat says:

    Regarding: Biggest Non-Story: trillion-dollar deficits and ever-increasing debt

    Why should we care? We tried in the past to put a hold on spending and were attacked as ‘uncaring’ for wanting to cut spending at the cost of ‘the poor and the needy’. Why bother? Sooner or later we will run out of other people’s money. Until then, let’s keep partying!

    As for the UFO’s. Funny you mention that. Just today, I was watching a show about how government ‘couldn’t’ tell us that there were unknown craft in our airspace or we would ‘panic’. The fact is that transparency might weaken government’s hold on us. If we thought they couldn’t protect us from unknown dangers, then we might wonder what purpose does government serve? All they care about is preserving their own power. In this day and age, knowledge is power.

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